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University of West Bohemia
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RTI - Regional Technological Institute is a new research centre affiliated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It was built between 2011 and 2015; and since then has grown to comprise nearly one hundred young and talented researchers, engineers, and members of administrative staff. Our scientists develop numerous research projects, many of them in collaboration with partners from industry. On behalf of manufacturing companies, RTI conducts contract research, which includes complex testing, measurements, and calculations. We also develop prototypes and verify new manufacturing processes.

RTI cooperates with a number of companies, research institutions in the Czech Republic and seeks and continues to establish new relationships with foreign organisations. An overview of our laboratories is part of this offer.

The collaboration may take the form of direct contract collaboration or joint R&D projects. We are ready to prepare study visits, lectures and workshops.

Regional Technological Institute

Regional Technological Institute

Contact Person
Miloslav Kepka
director of RTI research center
+420 604 831 035

RTI forms these very modern equipped laboratories:

•Virtual prototyping laboratory (including printing plastics)

•Technological manufacturing planning laboratory

•Industrial metrology laboratory

•Machining technology laboratory (including 3D metal printing)

•Experimental machining laboratory

•Experimental forming laboratory

•Metallographic laboratory

•Mechanical testing laboratory

•Transport vehicle components testing laboratory

•Strength and fatigue life testing laboratory

•Laboratory of experimental methods for mechanical engineering


RTI - Regional Technological Institute provides industrial research and development, testing and technology verification, design and virtual prototyping, training.

Other activities
- Material testing.
- Testing of structures and their parts.
Service for Industry and SMEs