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Public establishment “InTechCentras”

Non-Profit Organisation

Savanorių pr. 176C-804
03154 Vilnius Lithuania


Public establishment “InTechCentras” was established by Lithuania Engineering Industry association LINPRA. As an independent business organisation LINPRA represents metal products, machinery and equipment, electromechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber industry companies’ interests on international and national level.

“InTechCentras” is a Smart Manufacturing competence centre. We are coordinators of Advanced Manufacturing Digital Innovation Hub and also one of the iniciators of EDIH in Lithuania, providing services following:

  • Digital Services Providers Networking;
  • Digital Transformation RoadMaps and audits;
  • EU funding projects networking;
  • Organizing activities regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution „Industry 4.0“;
  • Solutions for production efficiency and productivity increase application;
  • Provision of engineering and management consultations;
  • Technological-engineering trainings and its’ projects preparation and management. 

Also, “InTechCentras“  is:

  • an official Singapore Technology Center of injection moulding „iPlast 4.0“ representative in Lithuania;
  •  an official Germany Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 trainings representative in Lithuania;
  • a member of mechatronic as well as laser and engineering LITEK clusters (in Lithuania).

The company participates in the sharing projects of MTEP connections strengthening and good practice in the MTTP field, it collaborates with European associations such as ORGALIM, EIT Manufacturing KIC, European technological platform Manufuture. “InTechCentras“ have collaborative connections in Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia and other regions. 

“InTechCentras”  main goal is to help SMEs to grow up efficiency and International competitiveness.

Public establishment “InTechCentras”

Public establishment “InTechCentras”

Contact Person
Audrius Jasėnas
+370 620 71450


  • Specialized computer equipment for digital modeling and data processing;
  • Laboratories of Semantic Technologies, Data Analysis, Requirements Engineering, Business Process Management, Information Systems Development;
  • Electronic devices, equipment and equipment for electronics design, for the Internet of Things (IoT), automation equipment, thermal imaging tests and measurements, optics, laser technology;
  • Electrical and automatic equipment and equipment for their design, battery testing, electric current and voltage testing, and for testing and measurement services;
  • Equipment for spectrometry, radiography, X-ray and ultrasonic measurement, for measuring hardness, roughness, environmental impact measurement;
  • Equipment for CNC machining, mechanical processing, and precision coordinate identification;
  • Equipment for 3D printing, design, prototyping services;
  • Equipment for robotics development and development of integrated automation systems.


  • Multifunctional test bench for testing security and automation devices, prototype production testing, with software package;
  • Test bench for voltage / current transformer testing, prototype production testing, with software package;
  • Test bench for battery testing, prototype production testing, with software package;
  • Multifunction multimeters with software package;
  • Laptops with software;
  • SMT line for microcomponents;
  • Lighting systems stand with IoT technology;
  • Automated modular line;
  • Laboratory equipment (IP class test equipment system, smart thermal imaging camera, thermal testing cycling camera with computer information transfer to the test cloud, prototyping plastic molding machine, CNC machines for prototyping products, prototype integrated laser marking machines);
  • CNC milling center 4 axes (HAAS VF-3 NGC);
  • CNC tools;
  • CNC 2-axis turning center (HAAS TM-1P);
  • CNC turning tools;
  • Hand turning machine HAAS TL-1-NGC;
  • Bending machine tools;
  • Band saw for workpieces (BMS 320);
  • 3D printer industrial SLS (with liquid);
  • Welding machine MagicWave 3000;
  • Laser cutting machine BODOR F1530 2000W 3x1,5;
  • Circular saw with precision ruler and cut;
  • ERMAKSAN PRO 310-175 bending machine;
  • Pipe bending machines;
  • Manual drilling machine MAXION UNIMAX 3;
  • Belt grinding machines;
  • Rolling machine CY 90-12 / 3.0;
  • Stationary, portal company 3-axis coordinate measuring machine (KMM) and portable-transportable 7-axis coordinate measuring machine;
  • Image recognition and scanning systems, software required for their programming with artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • Auxiliary equipment and robot peripherals are needed for testing production and technological robotics processes;
  • A set of robots and software for testing the concepts of using robots developed in the laboratory in various processes;
  • Test bench for voltage transformer testing, prototype production testing, with software package
  • Mobile robots with software;
  • Software for CAD model development, virtual testing, as well as robot programming;
  • Oxford PMI-MASTER PRO Spark Emission Spectrometer spectrometer;
  • Computer radiography;
  • Portable X-ray generator (RT);
  • Equipment used for advanced ultrasonic methods (PAUT, TOFD);
  • Automated visual-measurement control;
  • Hardness tester;
  • Roughness gauge set with accessories TIME 3221.

Technology areas: Internet of things; Organic and large Area Electronics; Robotics for manufacturing; Additive manufacturing technologies; Modelling and simulation; Laser based manufacturing; CPS for manufacturing; Digital twins, data sharing, autonomous factories; IT security.


  • Ecosystem & network: Scouting, brokerage, awareness creation, dissemination, ecosystem building; Market intelligence, market assessments, road mapping, technology watch; Workshops, seminars to share knowledge and experience; Representing interests during meetings & conferences, organizing (country) visits, roadshows.
  • Test before invest: Joint, pre-competitive R&D, secondment from companies; Specific R&D, technology concept development, proof of concept; Concept validation, prototyping, small series production; Renting equipment, low rate production, platform technology infrastructure, Lab facilities; Certification, product demonstration, product qualification.
  • Find investments: VoiceOfCustomer, market assessment, business development, legal. IPR, location, sales strategy; Financial engineering, connection to funding sources, investment plans; Identification of opportunities, creating consortia, development of proposals; Office space and space for experimentation and pilot manufacturing.
  • Skills training, education: Specialised courses on ecosystem/technology/business, strategy development on topic education.


  • Promotes the one-stop-shop development and deployment of the digital technology network, and the pursuit of common goals (by integrating potential providers of digital technology solutions and their end-users);
  • Provides information on the most appropriate innovative digitization solutions to Lithuanian industrial companies;
  • Provides digital maturity assessment services to Lithuanian industrial companies, assistance in fund raising, familiarizes them with the latest solutions at public technology demonstration events;
  • Helps to integrate, adapt, individualize various digitization solutions, as well as perform tests and experiments using digital technologies (software and hardware);
  • Organizes various training events, short-term training courses, advanced digital skills training, internships and other events promoting technological maturity;
  • Provides networking services in the search for digital technologies and competencies, bringing together industrial companies with foreign technology centers, foreign DIHs, EDIHs and other innovative companies;
  • Facilitates access to funding for digital change implementation by drafting national and international applications.

Services detalizations:

  1. Digitization of protections for electrical transmission equipment;
  2. Digitization of control and automatic processes of electricity transmission equipment;
  3. Testing of electricity transmission primary equipment;
  4. Implementation of remote control of electricity transmission equipment;
  5. Digital twin system development, programming, prototyping services;
  6. Integration of IoT solutions into plant infrastructure and linking to production process services;
  7. Consulting on digitized production modular systems
  8. Digital twin technology services;
  9. Consultancy in the field of digital product prototyping;
  10. Digital and digital technology analysis and prototyping services;
  11. Production and demonstration of digital 3D scanner models;
  12. Production and demonstration of prototypes of industrial digital 3D scanners;
  13. Production and demonstration of a test batch of digital 3D scanners;
  14. Computer vision element layout services;
  15. Conveyor line digitization and data collection element development services;
  16. Development of prototype / automated production line elements and prototyping;
  17. Production of robotic / automated, digitized production line segment;
  18. Manufacture of electric transport components;
  19. Manufacture of prototypes of fasteners and elements for electric transport components;
  20. Production of a test batch of mechanical and digital component interfaces for electric vehicle systems;
  21. Consultations on digital image recognition concepts.
  22. Technological solution consultancy;
  23. Technological knowledge transfer consultancy;
  24. Consultancy on digital management and production management systems;
  25. Consultancy in the selection of partners and consortia;
  26. Business model consultancy;
  27. Business digitization development consultancy;
  28. Company digital level determination;
  29. Digital level consultancy;
  30. Standards application consultancy;
  31. Consultancy in the field of contract drafting technology;
  32. Fundraising consultancy;
  33. Digital technological innovation project development consultancy;
  34. Digital technology / solution potential / need / commercial marketing;
  35. Overhead and 3D design manufacturing consultancy;
  36. Certification of digital production systems;
  37. Assessment of product compliance with standards;
  38. Reporting and protocol preparation services;
  39. Product defect analysis;
  40. Technology demonstration services;
  41. Technological innovation support consulting.
  42. Management of general affairs of SIC members, representation, organization of technical infrastructure maintenance, work safety, electrical safety and fire safety;
  43. Specialized innovation support and business acceptance services tailored to the needs of SIC members;
  44. Marketing and promotion services;
  45. Arranging of training programs, organization of seminars and conferences;
  46. Prototyping consultancy for robotic digital production automation solutions;
  47. Consultancy on digital product prototypes;
  48. Process digital and digital technology analysis and prototyping services.
  49. Consultancy in digital image recognition concepts;
  50. Robotic digital production automation solutions, flexible manufacturing system concepts, consulting and prototyping;
  51. Development of a digital twin for robotic production flexible systems;
  52. Integration of 2D and 3D image recognition systems with prototyping of digital production automation solutions;
  53. Certification of digital production systems;
  54. Product digital twin compliance standard, evaluation of real production conditions;
  55. Pilot analysis of products and their prototypes, defect analysis, consulting technologies, production possibilities and design applications for digital production consulting;
  56. Reporting and protocol preparation services;
  57. Data collection services.
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