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PROFACTOR is an applied research company with headquarters in Steyr and Vienna. The company conducts applied production research in the field of industrial assistive systems and additive micro/nano manufacturing. PROFACTOR acts as an interface between science and business. In more than 1,700 projects, we have demonstrated what can be created with applied production research: Innovation. 

Profactor GmbH

Profactor GmbH

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Machine Vision
+43 7252 885250
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Industrial assistive systems
PROFACTOR research focuses on systems, which are combining human and machine interaction, intelligence and processing power, human expertise and machine power.
The aim of industrial Assistance Systems is to support human beings in a in a volatile, richly varied and highly flexible production. The cognitive abilities of these assistance systems are constantly being improved.

Additive Micro/Nano-Manufacturing
PROFACTOR is especially dedicated to the combination of additive manufacturing and functionalization of surfaces, which define the quality and functionality for components.
Additive Manufacturing processes are – as well as assistance systems – a key to a competitive production in small lots and customized products. Additive Manufacturing enables (almost) limitless design freedom and the ability to combine different materials.
The focus of research is the consistent view of process chains from materials, form the processes up to the adaptation of the necessary equipment.


Profactor perform development activities including software development, electronics design, mechanical design and construction, system integration.

PROFACTOR is organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training events.

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