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NOVELTIS is a French private company that was created in 1998. We perform innovative scientific engineering studies and implement customized end-user solutions in the fields of Space, the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Our engineers and scientists develop high-tech solutions that involve top-level skills in environmental and physical sciences, in areas covering atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces.

NOVELTIS teams have extensive expertise in multi-source data processing, environmental modelling, big data, cloud computing, Web-GIS and operational decision support systems. Our company supplies end-to-end services to governmental bodies and industries.

NOVELTIS helps also the space agencies and industry design tomorrow’s space missions, and promotes the use and exploitation of current missions. NOVELTIS focuses its activities on innovation, in close relations with international research laboratories.

NOVELTIS is certified to the ISO 9001 standards and has been granted “Confidential-Defense” status by the French Defense Ministry.



Contact Person
Dr. Richard BRU
President & CEO
+33(0)5 62 88 11 11
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NOVELTIS and Space:

NOVELTIS works on the design of tomorrow’s space missions and enhances the value of current missions, in partnership with space agencies, the European Commission, research centers and industry.

With more than 20 years of experience, NOVELTIS has been able to develop over the years a real expertise in scientific engineering for space missions, whether for atmospheric physics and chemistry, oceanography, characterization of continental surfaces or sciences of the universe.

NOVELTIS' activities in Space includes:

  • Analysis and specification of the needs for new missions;
  • Preliminary studies of new concepts in Earth observation and atmospheric sounding;
  • Development of end-to-end simulators and new on-board and ground processing algorithms;
  • Performance analysis of space instruments and missions;
  • Design of new geophysical products derived from the missions;
  • Calibration and validation of observation systems, before and after satellite launch;
  • Radiative transfer modeling;
  • Support to users for the exploitation of space missions within the framework of flagship European programs like Copernicus, and promotion of these programs internationally.

The added value brought by NOVELTIS in Space lies in the synergy between its strong expertise in space sciences and technologies and its mastery of environmental sciences and their applications.


NOVELTIS services for Environment, Sustainable development and Risk prevention:

In synergy with its space activities, NOVELTIS has developed a set of innovative services and products for the Environment, the Sustainable Development and for Risk prevention. These services and products are based on the latest scientific and technological advances in terms of environmental modeling, multi-source data processing (satellite and aerial data, in-situ measurements), artificial intelligence, and distribution via modern online platforms.

We list below a selection of our innovative products and services that are available at global scale:

  • enovOcean: A unique e-platform for monitoring and forecasting accurately metocean conditions and risks.
  • TechForFire: Operational service for the tactical fight against forest fires.
  • PerviGrid & PreviOpen: Real-time forecasting services for solar and wind energies.
  • Arctivities: Innovative operational service providing unique risk indicators for the security at sea in the Arctic region.
  • MySolarHome: Application for estimating and mapping the photovoltaic potential of roofs.
  • Deposit: Innovative service providing precise detection and quantification of industrial emissions.
  • Wineo: Innovative vineyard characterization and management services by remote sensing.

For more information about our services, please visit our website.

Other activities
Satellites, Scientific engineering, Environnemental modeling, Remote sensing...
Our activities are mainly aimed at meeting the needs of space and environmental industries and agencies, as well as the European commission.
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