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New Technologies – Research Centre (NTC), is an independent self-financed institute of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen with the state of the art research facilities and experienced, reliable and dedicated  international team of more than one hundred twenty researchers. NTC focuses on basic and applied research, development and innovations mainly in following areas: measuring systems and laser technologies for material surface processing; structural, electronic, magnetic and spectroscopic properties of new technologically perspective materials; membranes, polymer composites; measurement of field temperatures and precise transfer of equipment heat; measurement and simulation of complex fluid flow including transfers of heat; new thin-layer materials (photovoltaic cells), fuel cells, energy storage; biomechanical models of humans, algorithms and software for modelling heterogeneous materials;  man-machine interactions and human cognitive enhancement.

NTC systematically supports close cooperation with domestic and international companies also have experience in EU funded programmes. 

New Technologies-Research Centre

New Technologies-Research Centre

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Laboratory for research on the morphology and surface texture of materials 
Laboratory for photolithography  
Laboratory for measuring small-angle scattering
Laboratory for thermal analysis 
Laboratory for research on technologies based on polymer materials 
Laboratory for measuring the efficiency and reliability of hydrogen fuel cells 
Laboratory for research on polymer composite materials  
Laboratory for research on laser technologies 
Laboratory for  measurements of thermomechanical processes 
Laboratory for measuring thermomechanical properties of materials 
Laboratory for research on the optical properties of materials 
Laboratory for electron microscopy 
Laboratory for diffraction analysis 
Laboratory for chemical and physical thin film deposition 
Laboratory for research on stationary storage of electrical energy
Laboratory for computational and experimental design of advanced materials with new functionalities


For over fifteen years have our teams provided cutting edge research and interdisciplinary solutions across the entire value chain – from the idea to the prototype. Our researchers have published prestigious articles e.g. in Nature Communications, have patented their solutions and successfully applied innovative technologies and results in various industries around the world. NTC co-operates with dozens of domestic and as well as international industrial companies on solving their technical and technological problems. 


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