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Gottlieb-Keim-Straße 60
95448 Bayreuth


Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH is an independent, non-academic research institution for the development of novel material variants and associated energy-efficient processing methods in the field of lightweight construction for polymers, metals and composites targeting industrial application. We provide sustainable, application-oriented R&D-solutions for innovative materials and processes as well as to optimize existing materials and production processes.

Core feature is our highly modern plant technology that enables R&D and prototyping both on an industrial and laboratory scale. We also offer a comprehensive range of services like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and materials analysis / component testing based on latest processes and laboratory technology.

In addition to R&D for industrial partners in direct cooperation or as part of publicly funded joint projects, NMB also offers contract manufacturing for proto-type and small series as well as tool sampling.

Main areas of work are particle foaming, injection molding (especially foam injection molding), fibre-reinforced polymers, polymer-metal hybrids, thermal spraying (arc spraying, cold gas), metal forming (hydroforming and press hardening), production of novel metal powders as well as additive manufacturing with polymers and metals.

Our Network

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Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH

Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH

Contact Person
Claudia Benedickt
Public Relations
+49 921 507 36 0

Our highly modern machinery on an industry scale as well on a laboratory scale creates the basis for application-oriented solutions, which are directly applicable to manufacturing processes of the plastic and metal industry.

We provide Injection Molding Machines, full Process Chain for UD-Tape based thermoplastic Composites, Bead Foam Machines, Additive Manufacturing Equipment (polymer and metal based), Thermal Arc Spraying System, Thermal Treatment Systems/Forming, Devices for Analytics and Component Testing.


Research & development on industrial and laboratory scale facilities; proof of concept; evaluation; testing; prototyping; pilot production and demonstration; validation; pre-series; development-accompanying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); materials analysis and component testing.

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