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National Institute of Biology (NIB)  is the third largest public research institute in natural sciences in Slovenia. NIB has had a remarkable track record in the fields of general biology, plant physiology, organismal biology, ecology, and environmental protection biomedicine and biotechnology since its establishment in 1960.

NIB maintains strong collaborations with Slovenian and international industry and research institutions in the fields of pharmacy, biotechnology, agriculture, food and environment, including marine sciences.

Highly skilled scientific and professional staff have up-to-date and advanced research instrumentation and facilities at their disposal. The institute holds ISO 9001 certificate for management. Some analytical laboratories of NIB are also operating in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. NIB is government authorized state Laboratory for Plant Health and National Reference Laboratory for GMOs. NIB is nominated state representative in European Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) and European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL). NIB holds governmentally authorized license for implementation of biological monitoring of waters including the marine environment (hydrological monitoring of the sea by oceanographic buoy Vida and HF radar, assessment of ecological status of coastal sea according to Water Directive and Marine Strategy, monitoring of marine toxic algae).

Since 2015 mutagenicity testing is performed in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) according to the OECD guidelines.  

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National Institute of Biology

National Institute of Biology

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Real-time PCR and Digital PCR platforms.

Next-generation sequencing platforms.



Transmission electron microscope (Philips CM100) with CCD cameras


Detailed equipment information:


Services in Agricultural Industry 

Detection of Microorganisms – plant pathogens: viruses, viroids, bacteria, phytoplasmas.

Toxicology studies for agrochemicals and biocides.

Ecotoxicity studies and aquatic and terrestrial organisms biomonitoring.

Activity assessment of antimicrobial substances.


Services in Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotechnology Industry

Systems biology studies of production cell lines.

Nucleic acid detection and quantification, residual DNA detection.

Electron microscopy imaging of target microorganisms and bio-molecules.

Concentration and purification of viruses, phages and VLPs.

Quantification of viruses for gene therapy/vaccines, bacteriophages in product development.

Bio-compatibility assessment of medical devices.


Environmental Monitoring and Water Services

Validation of water purification methods (inactivation and removal, fllters efficiency, toxicology and microbiology, including viruses).

Ecotoxicology testing on algae, cyanobacteria and zebrafsh embryo).


Training and Advisory Services

Analysis of GMOs and plant pathogens: hands on training, workshops, consulting and technical auditing, organization of inter-laboratory testing.

Development of protocols and workfows compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001.


Other activities
Biotech industry related activities.
Service for Industry and SMEs