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Habraken 1199
5507 TB Veldhoven


MI-Partners is a company specialized in the development of high-end mechatronic systems. The development of these systems is often very challenging in terms of accuracy and/or speed. We deal with the full trajectory in system design: starting from whiteboard and specifications, we generate  concepts and make a concept selection, together with our customer. Then we start an iterative design process, where modelling, performance prediction and mechanical design go hand in hand. We outsource manufacturing of the parts, but assembly and testing is done in-house. As we mostly develop one-of-a-kind systems (prototypes, test equipment or research equipment), we always face unique challenges. Our company consists of 50 highly educated and experienced engineers. MI-Partners’ main competences being concept design, precision engineering, thermal design, dynamics and control. OEM customers from all over the world acknowledge our added value in bringing them innovation.

Member of:

  • DSPE (Dutch Society of Precision Engineering)
  • EUSPEN (European  Society of Precision Engineering)
  • ASPE (American Society of Precision Engineering)

MI-Partners B.V.

MI-Partners B.V.

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All (high-end) measurement equipment to do:

  • modal and vibration/acceleration measurements
  • thermal measurements
  • friction and stiffness measurements
  • Mechatronic research
  • Development, (thermal, CFD, dynamic simulations)
  • Design (actuators, motion control, air bearings, maglev technology, tuned mass damping, active vibration isolation, active thermal control and stability, vacuum and cryogenic )
  • Prototyping
  • One of a kind equipment, including CE certification and on-site installation
  • Testing and validation
  • Training
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