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METALLICADOUR is a Technology Transfer Center in the area of production (machining, robotization of manufacturing process, robotization of control process and welding).
METALLICADOUR provides companies with a shared resource center equipped with high performance solutions, to contribute on the economic development of the region by adding an efficient tool. It proposes high-tech resources with top-level skills to support SME companies, increased the added value of the production, fosters the development of new industrial techniques (Industry 4.0) and reinforces the link between industry and research laboratories.

We work to speed up the appropriation of high technologies by European SMEs. Implementing these technologies – we believe – will help many companies from Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, French country and European area to adapt to market changes while retaining high productivity, a critical factor for manufacturing competitiveness.

METALLICADOUR develops innovative manufacturing processes (hard material machining helps, eco-responsible lubricant, hybrid friction stir welding, robotization of processes, etc.) in aeronautics, rail or energy sector and on-line control processes (digitized shape, machining defects, IR thermography, surface integrity...) by robotization.



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Scientific Head

- 4 robots for machining, finishing and control, spindles of polishing (1000 to 80000 rpm), grinding, machining

- 2 robots for Friction Stir Welding, TIG & MIG CMT welding, effectors with active & passive compliances

- 2 machining centres (5 axis milling and lathe center), CAD/CAM systems

Measurement facilities on processes: Thermal, vibration, forces and power monitoring, several software to monitoring processes in machining, polishing, welding and control. IR Cameras, data acquisition of all physical quantities...

Measurement zone: Laser tracker, forces control, 3D optical scanning, X-Ray Diffraction Analysis by robot

  • Consulting, technical assistance, development of technical solutions for SMEs
  • Technology transfer service provider
  • Development of demonstrators on innovative manufacturing solutions
  • Appropriation of SMEs problematic for the proposal of efficient and collaborative solutions and appropriate project management
  • Provision of resources and skills for SME development
  • Support for integrators
  • Training dedicated to issues of improvement and modernization of production tools
Service for Industry and SMEs