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MECANO ID supports its customers from Space, Nuclear and Aeronautics sectors in the development of predominantly mechanical and thermal systems subjected to harsh environments and require efficient and robust project management.

3 complementary skills

Mechanical systems engineering and development

MECANO ID ensures project management of complete developments or supports projects carried out by customers. For projects integrating other disciplines, MECANO ID relies on specialized partners or qualified subcontractors and ensures full traceability at all stages.

Composite development and manufacturing

With its multidisciplinary expertise, MECANO ID provides a unique approach including design, sizing, manufacturing and testing of high performance composite parts.

Mechanical and thermal tests

Thanks to the expertise gained over more than 20 years, MECANO ID Test Laboratory offers high value added services, in compliance with specific aeronautics and space requirements while providing reactivity and planning flexibility required for equipment testing.



Contact Person
R&D Manager
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Composite manufacturing

MECANO ID develops high added value composite components and provides all development activities to be compliant with your needs and specifications :

  • design and sizing
  • manufacturing composite parts with the RTM / infusion processes, designing and manufacturing required molds,
  • testing to characterize products performances, 
  • R&D to optimize and innovate products manufactured.

The manufacturing workshop delivered its first parts for space applications in 2009. Different types of products are currently qualified: tubes, inserts, fittings, etc.


MECANO ID has qualified equipments to test prototypes for vibratory environmental, pytotechnical shocks and the correctly designing a screw-mount assembly

  • Vibration testing 
  • SRS Shock Testing Services
  • Screw-mount assemblies

MECANO ID supports clients in the development of mechanical assemblies within the framework of a complete developments Under MECANO ID project management or in support in design or analysis for projects.

Mechanical and thermal design

  • Mechanical and thermal systems conception
  • Metallic or composite structure elements conception
  • Tooling conception (vibration, assembly, tests, etc.)
  • Electronic equipment structure conception
  • Internal and external satellites payload

Mechanical analyses

  • Static, modal or thermo-elastic analyses
  • Shock, seismic and usure analyses
  • Prevision, reporting and optimization 

Thermal analyses

  • Definition and sizing thermal control
  • Steady and transitional regime analyses
  • Temperature cartographie determination for thermo-elastic analyses
  • Reporting and thermal test exploitation


  • Composites fabrication
  • Subcontracting metallic fabrication

Assembly, integration and tests

  • Prototypes assembly and integration 
  • Functionnal tests
  • Clean room environment
Other activities
-Scientific and Telecom Satellite payload
-Nanosat deployment
Service for Industry and SMEs