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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC)
Research Center

Rambla San Nebridi 22
08222 Terrassa Barcelona


The MCIA is a reference center of research, development and innovation for scientific research, applied research and technology transfer activities in the areas of energy efficiency, electromobility and industrial systems. The MCIA center provides solutions for the creation of new products, and optimization of the existing ones, in the areas of electrical, electronic and ICT engineering. The MCIA is member of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the Technology Center of UPC (CiT UPC), and member of the Catalonian Technology Center Network (TECNIO), from where the MCIA cooperates and leads multiple research and technology transfer activities.

MCIA Innovation Electronics

MCIA Innovation Electronics

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Four specialized laboratories (electronics, mechatronics, high voltage and simulation), highly qualified staff, infrastructure and professional technical equipment. Some of the relevant equipment are: electronic systems prototyping, fully equipped benches for electric motors testing, high-performance acquisition and monitoring systems, HIL platforms, electromechanical chains characterization benches, supply sources (700V-60A), current transformer up to 10kA, 400l corrosion chamber, traction bench up to 10 tons, DC generator up to 1400kV, AC generator up to 130kV, FEM and CAD design and modelling.


The MCIA Center covers the whole innovation and development chain: conceptualization, design, implementation and validation. Thus, a high quality technology transfer till TLR 7 around:

(i) Electric traction chains; powertrain, energy management of electric vehicles, charging systems and communications.

(ii) Energy efficiency; intelligent management, micro-networks, integration of renewable sources, forecasting and optimization.

(iii) High voltage systems; Dielectric, current and mechanical testing, life cycle assessment, 3D electromagnetic design and simulation.

(iv) Industrial electronics; power converters, control, smart electronics, communications and measurement equipment.

(v) Advanced maintenance; decision support, predictive maintenance, reliability, sensor networks.

(vi) Mechatronics; electric machines; control, diagnostics and fault tolerant systems.

Additionally, and related to greening, energy and resource efficiency technologies as well as technologies related to digitalisation and industrial modernisation, the MCIA Center offers:

  • Digitalisation and industrial modernisation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data and Cloud Computing
    • Internet of Things
  • Greening, energy and resource efficiency
    • Energy Saving Technologies
    • Renewable Energy Technologies (including solar, wind, batteries, geothermal, hydropower, biomass, hydrogen)
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