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MATERIA NOVA is a research and development center based on advanced and disruptive technologies in the field of sustainable materials, multifunctional surfaces, materials for energy and biotechnology.

The 80 scientific experts from Materia Nova offer partnership with small, medium or large companies for research and/or development projects which are mainly carried out in the Materia Nova facilities and are validated at industrial scale either by its subsidiary companies (IONICS S.A. and NANO4 S.A.) or directly at customers site.

Materia Nova gives also technical assistance to companies such as in upscaling, feasibility testing, life cycle assessment, materials characterization, market research, state of the art, technology watch and targeted consulting. 

Materia Nova

Materia Nova

Contact Person
Lionel Derue

is SME contact

We perform measurement and analysis on materials and surfaces with a problem-solving perspective :


  • Morphology : microscopic analysis of surface morphology, microstructure analysis, Identification of contaminants (defects, size, shape, structure), Thickness layer measurement, Roughness measurement (Ra, Rt, Rq,…) using mechanical profilometer or Atomic Force Microscopy AFM), size measurement of particles or powders in solutions using laser particle size, Physico-chemical analysis and composition and Structural analysis
  • Physico-chemical analysis and composition :Characterization of the chemical composition of the materials (bulk / surface/interface: thin layers) and Position of the elements (or locating the elements) (SEM-EDS, XRF, XPS-ESCA, ToF-SIMS, TEM-EDS)

  • Structural analysis : X-Rays diffraction for the characterization of compounds and crystallized materials or powder such as metals, minerals, ceramics, pharmaceutical compounds, organometallic complex, …


For more information, please visit our website : 


Main fields of activities:


  • Upscaling on pilot or industrial equipment
  • Characterization, testing, materials analyses
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • R&D projects in the field of :
    • White biotechnology, (bio)polymers and (bio)composites
    • Sol-gel and wet coatings
    • Plasma technologies
    • Electrochemistry, corrosion
    • Organic electronics
    • Chemical sensors



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