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The LTM technology center is one of the 5 French centers associated in the Renatech network. The LTM technology center in located in Grenoble - France. Its 1200m² cleanroom area is divided in two parts : 500 m² are located on the 200-300 mm LETI's platform. Developments of technological process are developed there on 200 mm and 300 mm Si wafers for projects in micro or nanoelectronics and photonics. The other 700 m² area is named "Plateforme Technologique Amont" (PTA) or Center for upstream research. Its objective is to provide to academic laboratories or industrial companies a set-up of technological equipments and associated processes which are compatible with various materials and substrate sizes from few mm² up to 100 mm wafers. Main objective of the LTM center is to provide a rapid and simple access to the platform.  Academic or  industrial users can be trained to be able to use the equipments, or can ask to the center staff to provide the technological process service.



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The equipments of PTA are composed of all the standard tools for technological processes in terms of growth, deposition (E-beam, PVD, LPCVD, PECVD...), etching, lithography (e-Beam, optical UV and DUV, Nanoimprint...) and associated characterizations. Specific equipements usually devoted to MEMs and NEMs fabrication are also available, such as Chemical Mechanical Planarization. About 30 tools are present in the cleanroom with specifications at the state of the art. The equipment list is available on website.

The 200-300 mm equipments platform is composed of two plasma etching clusters, one epitaxy cluster for III-V compounds growth, and a set of physico-chemical characterization tools such as XPS, Ellipsometry, Micro-PL, micro-raman...) The particularity of these tools is that wafers can be characterized directly after etching or deposition process without any oxydation, by using vacuum carriers. information on theses equipements can be consulted on the website.


The LTM technology center provides various services for any academic or industrial customer who would like to perform a R&D project. The objective can be the identification of technological solutions, the experimentation of new processes, or the demonstration of the fabrication of a new device. The customer's staff can be trained for an autonomous use of the equipments, The center staff can also provide a service to develop and realize technological processes or complete flow chart. the customers can contact the center on the renatech website. After a discussion with the center director, the specifications will be established and a quotation will be proposed. Main objective is to provide a rapid access to the equipements or realization. 

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