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LSEC - Leaders in Security is a Digital Security Catalyst. As a non-profit SME, we are a private research center in the domain of CyberSecurity and Digital Security. We focus on empowering technologies digitally and support the cybersecurity of the development, operations and the products themselves. We work with academia, research centers, government, industry technology product and services providers and end users from various vertical industries (finance, manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharma, healthcare, education, ... ). We are an experienced project developer and coordinator with a team of highly qualified professionals from the domains of security, computer sciences, engineering, cloud, manufacturing, application development, R&D, innovation management, marketing, corporate development, investment and business development. 

We collaborate with different international partners in European and global projects, locally in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxemburg, UK and have partners on a global scale providing landing platforms internationally. 

We organise and co-organise various international events and activities, with focus on digital security in AI in various formats, use of cloud technologies and sovereignty and virtualisation, industrial developments, digitalisation and computing on encrypted data - privacy enhancing technologies. We analyse the industry and provide market intelligence and insights to European institutions and Member States. We manage and support different communities, and have a direct reach to numerous experts and digital security professionals. 

LSEC operates a CyberSecurity Centre of Excellence in Belgium and is part of the European network of national centres. 

LSEC operates the Digital Innovation Hub LSEC and as part of the European network of national digital innovation hubs. LSEC is part of the Robotics, Agile Manufacturing and CyberSecurity digital innovation hub TRINITY. 

LSEC is partner in the European Digital Innovation Hub DIGITALIS, together with partners Flanders Make, IMEC, BPHOT, VOKA, Sirris, Howest and PXL. 

LSEC - Leaders In Security

LSEC - Leaders In Security

Contact Person
Ulrich Seldeslachts
is SME contact

CyberSecurity solutions, for prevention, identification, detection, mitigation, forensics and restoring. 

Different Digital Security software-based solutions and demonstrators for industrial applications are available on site and in experimental settings in client operations. 

CyberSecurity solutions for manufacturing, jumper stations, industrial firewalls, cybersecurity operations security, access control technologies, ... 

Industrial IoT setups, mobile sensors and IoT sensing platforms 


Awareness creation, Education, Informing



Assessments - pentesting, platform analysis




Test before invest


Joint developments



Other activities
Digital Security; CyberSecurity, Cloud computing, Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Service for Industry and SMEs