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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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BRTA Basque Research Technology Alliance
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Arranomendia 4A
20240 Ordizia Guipúzcoa


LORTEK is a non-profit private research institute with a strong knowledge and capabilities in materials science, processing, engineering, structural integrity and Digital technologies (artificial vision, data analytics, IIoT, sensors, connectivity, simulation, robotics, etc.) applied to manufacturing. Its main specialization fields are:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Joining Technologies
  • Industry 4.0 technologies, including non-destructive testing

The generated knowledge is transferred to the industrial sector by its application to industrial products and processes. Thus, it is clearly industry oriented, developing integral solutions for manufacturing technologies. The added value of LORTEK is to promote the capacity of innovation and industrialization of its customers in order to improve their competitiveness and sustainability.



Contact Person
Miriam Garcia
Europe Manager
is SME contact

-Robotized welding cells for laser, arc, friction and resistance welding, equipped with monitoring systems and different power sources

-Additive manufacturing-SLM cell: 3 machines for LPBF, including one with 4 lasers and monitoring capacity

-Additive manufacturing-LMD cell: DED robotized cell and 3-axis Cartesian kinematics station with monitoring capacity. Different laser sources

-Additive manufacturing-WAAM cell: robotized cells with various power sources

-Intelligent robotized cell

-CAD/CAM software for all above mentioned processes as well as simulation and distortion prediction software.

-Process control equipment

-Non-destructive inspection laboratory: ultrasound, thermography, artificial vision

-Process monitoring and sensing laboratory

-Dedicated servers for AI and Data intelligence

-Metallic materials testing laboratory


R&D projects

We research and develop technology knowledge and capabilities to face real challenges. We develop new products, processes or services and improve the efficiency of industrial plants providing them with disruptive technology. Our aim is to explore new business models and improve company’s positioning in the market.


It is aimed at implementing customised solutions for today’s challenges and needs in manufacturing. Specially focused on companies requiring the implementation of short-term improvements to their production processes, as well as companies seeking new opportunities and needing qualitative improvement in their processes. Our value proposal is:

  • Diagnosis and feasibility studies for industrialisation
  • Customised industrial solutions
  • Consultancy
  • Quality assurance in welding

Technological services

LORTEK’s testing laboratory is certified according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025

  • Quality assurance in welding
  • Metallic materials testing and analysis
Service for Industry and SMEs