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Advanced Technologies for Industry
Research Center

C/ de la Innovació, 2
08225 Terrassa (Barcelona) B


LEITAT is a non-profit organization, specialised in material, device and production technologies. LEITAT develops R&D activities in the areas of material sciences, environment, surface treatments, biotechnologies and low carbon energies with deep knowledge and experience in technologic transfers to several industrial sectors (chemistry & material, transport, health, packaging, energy, textile, detergency, environment, cosmetic, pharmacy, building, food, sport, maritime and security). LEITAT is recognized by the Spanish government as a CIT (Centre of Technological Innovation) and is one of the 5 Technology centres which are accredited by the Regional Government of Catalonia.

Main activities can be summarized by the following key knowledge divisions: 

  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Bioinvitro
  • Biomed
  • Nanohealth & Safety
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Nanomaterials
  • Advanced Polymers
  • Surface treatments
  • Textile technologies
  • Smart systems
  • New production processes
  • Renewable and storage energies

LEITAT Technological Center

LEITAT Technological Center

Contact Person
Vincent Jamier
Business Development Manager / International Projects Office
(+34) 93 788 23 00 3161
is SME contact

The equipment available at LEITAT covers broad range of applications and techniques, as broad as the ‘Key Enabling Technologies’ described by the European Commission. LEITAT owns suitable facilities with small, medium and pilot plant equipments that allow to interact with any technology along the TRL scale from 3 to 9.

Infrastructures and equipement related to technology area under focus, including (non exhaustive list):  microbiology lab with pilot scale fat crystallizer and pilot scale homogenizer, in vitro technologies, Facilities and equipments for in vitro and in vivo toxicological studies of nanomaterials and nanocomposites, analytical chemistry equipments, consumer goog testing facilities (including humidity, temperature, UV aging, stability testing, hard surface testing), nanomaterials characterisation, advanced polymer equipments (extruer, mould injection, compounder, polymerization reactor and related characterisation equipments), surface treatment technologies, textile technologies & equipments, smart systems (including rapid prototyping, digital printing, electronic design), new production processes ( CAD/CAE/CAM softwares  and  Reverse Engineering technologies), environmental testing.


LEITAT can provide a full range of services the different industrial sectors going from material design, testing and processing, to the development of prototypes. In particular, the several testing departments at LEITAT offer services for the determination of more than 800 physical and chemical parameters (including ISO Certification and Normalization).

- Scientific & technological
- Study / initial design / Simulation
- Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up/ Characterisation
- Component/ breadboard / process development & testing
- Prototyping (integrated system/ sub-system) development & testing
- Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries
- Product validation / certification

Service for Industry and SMEs