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LBE (Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology)

Upper organisation
France's National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment
Research Center

60 Rue Nicolas Leblanc
11100 Aude


Expertise: Anaerobic digestion (effluents, solid residues, biomass) - Biological waste-water treatment - Pre-treatments -Fermentation (Bio-hydrogene, Bio-hythane) - Micro-algae culture and valorization -  High-value bio molecules (phenolics) - Microbial Ressource Management  - Biofilms in reactors and Bioelectrochemistry - Sanitary risk evaluation & control -Modelling, Instrumentation & control -Life Cycle Analysis & Eco-design

Services provided: Collaborative and partnership-based research (proof of concept, mid to long term studies offer) - Feasibility studies - Analytical - Hosting: technological halls and laboratories in LBE’s and access to a business incubator and business park thanks to our attachment to the PMI, Mediterranean Innovation Park - Technological and scientific support - 

LBE (Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology)

LBE (Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology)

Contact Person
Diana Garcia-Bernet
BIO2E technological platform
+33 (0)4 68 46 64 39
is SME contact

With  a 3500 m²  experimental  hall,  a  performant  scientific  and  analytical  equipment  and more than 50 digesters (one liter to several m3) operating all year round, the LBE is a world leader  R&D center  in  the  field  of  anaerobic  digestion and environmental biorefinery. It  puts  on  excellence  research and offers  a  multidisciplinary  approach  on  a  broad  range  of  topics related to waste & waste-water treatment and valorization, in particular anaerobic digestion. High BMP (biochemical methane potential) capacity: more than 500/year. 

Experimental resources from fundamental research to technology transfer

The  laboratory  efficiently valorises its research through its Bio2 platform , dedicated to innovation and technology transfer:
- Core facilities ('omics', experimental fields, microscopy)

- Pilot plants that can be installed in an industrial context
- Demonstration plants dedicated to technological transfer


- Scientific & technological
- Study / initial design / Simulation
- Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up/ Characterization
- Component/ breadboard / process development & testing
- Prototyping (integrated system/ sub-system) development & testing
- Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries

Training topics mainly cover WWTP modelling, anaerobic digestion, microbial ecology and process engineering.

Other activities
Service for Industry and SMEs