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KCL provides piloting and laboratory services in the field of biomaterial processing. We offer a unique pilot and laboratory scale environment for testing, production, scale-ups, demonstrations along with process design and construction located in a centralized site. KCL is an ideal platform for developing existing products and processes. It also serves as an innovative new product developer derived from furthering the science of paper and board. Biomaterial based new products can be found and developed through complete utilization of KCL’s advanced equipment and expertise.

KCL Pilot Plant

KCL Pilot Plant

Contact Person
Mikko Mensonen
Technical Customer Service Manager
is SME contact
  • Biomaterial processing and stock preparation equipment for
    • Slushing
    • LC refining
    • TMP/CTMP refiner
    • Screening
    • Thickening: Filter press, Disc filter, Drum filter, Screw press
    • Handling of materials (e.g. chemical treating, heating): 4mᵌ pressurized 8 bar reactor, Atmospheric tanks with mixers
    • Hot air dryer
    • Preparing and serving pulps for paper machine trials
    • Converting of all kinds of biomaterials for further processing
    • Steam heating
    • Automation system
    • Data acquisition system
  • Foam forming paper machine
  • Pilot coater equipped with
    • Roll applicator (blade/rod)
    • SDTA (blade/rod)
    • Optiblade +
    • Jet application (OpticoatJet) (blade/rod)
    • MSP (Opti-Sizer)
    • 3-layer curtain
    • Spray +
  • Multical Optiload / supercalender
  • Printing park
    • Heatset web offset printing machine
    • Sheetfed offset printing machine
    • High Speed inkjet test printing line
  • Finishing
    • Winders
    • Guillotine
    • Sheet cutters
  • Wide range of laboratory measurement equipment, covering the whole paper making value chain from raw materials to the printed or packaging product -  Finas accredited laboratory

KCL provides an infrastructure where customers can test their development ideas both in laboratory and in pilot scale. We are even able to tailor our processes with customers' own equipment. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise are included in the services we provide our customers. Our efficient staff has experience from different types of pilot or laboratory trials.

In pilot scale we can build process prototypes for new product development, or we can produce product prototypes that can be further refined in the following process steps in pilot or even in industrial scale. We are also able to provide small-scale production in order to support the market entry of a new product.

We serve all customers with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.

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