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Advanced Technologies for Industry
Non-Profit Organisation

Irish Manufacturing Research
Aerodrome Business Park
Co. Dublin
D24 WCO4


IMR's goal is to DemystifyDerisk and Deliver emerging technologies and new knowledge to enable industry to succeed at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing.

Pillar 1: Automation & Control

  • Vision   Self-adaptive autonomous automation

Enabling manufacturers to be globally competitive through step change improvements in productivity and quality manufacturing through automation and robotics. The Mullingar Pilot Lines provide a national test bed for the development of automation and control applications across a broad range of industries.

Pillar 2: Design for Manufacturing

  • Vision   Customer-defined manufacturing

Supporting industry to design and produce using advanced digital toolsets and technologies such as 3D printing, advanced machining and full product lifecycle management, to create novel products and processes designed around great customer experiences.

Pillar 3: Digitisation 

  • Vision  Data driven business

Accelerating the evolution towards Industry 4.0 and addressing the full data driven manufacturing paradigm with a twin vision of using data for effective and optimized factory performance and also to enable new business models and revenue streams through value-add services.

Pillar 4: Sustainable Manufacturing 

  • Vision   Zero net carbon manufacturing

To help industry take a leadership role in creating a low-carbon economy through coalescing thought leadership on many key areas around the Circular Economy, resource efficiency and intelligent energy management. IMR helps industry to optimise and adopt technologies for intelligent factory and supply-chain operations.

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Irish Manufacturing Research

Irish Manufacturing Research

Contact Person
Lise-Ann Sheahan
Programme Manager / Business Development
+353 (0) 1 5675000

IMR provide a range of equipment from our facilities in Dublin and Westmeath, Ireland. The main innovation space in Dublin has over 1000m2 of office/lab space, with a further 4000m2 of office/lab space in Westmeath.

IMR Facilities includes (but is not limited to) the following:


  • Additive Manufacturing Lab in Mullingar
  • Cobotics lab in Mullingar

Training Rooms

  • 1 training room for outreach programmes in Westmeath
  • 1 training room in Westmeath

Meeting Rooms

  • 4 meeting rooms in Dublin
  • 3 meeting rooms in Westmeath

Coffee & Chat: 


  • 1 Coffee & Chat area in Dublin & Westmeath

IMR Equipment includes (but is not limited to) the following: 



IMR Services includes (but is not limited to) the following: 

Detailed example: Funding Opportunities

In 2020 IMR launched and is effectively operating a suite of complimentary services to support competitive funding to manufacturing industry. The service is provided by the business development (BD) team online and from both IMR locations. The service is designed to support Irish manufacturing industry, particularly SMEs.

Freemium services for IMR Community Members

  • 1-to-1 Funding Clinic taking the industry partner through the exact grant options available for to their company (1hr online);
  • 1-page Funding Intelligence Report containing a summary of the information and links related to the company’s project pipeline; and
  • Exclusive access to 1 Industry Funding Workshop & 2 EU/National consortia* coordinated by IMR.

Premium Service for IMR Tiered Members

  • Funding Roadmap Design Service: Funding targets for the industry partner’s project pipeline, calendar & resource planning, etc;
  • 1-to-1 Funding Advisory Service: Personalised funding support, grant management, administrative resources, etc; and
  • Strategic Funding Partnerships: Introduction, brokerage, and facilitation for the industry partner’s funding needs.

Customers have chosen different configurations of the services listed previously depending on their needs and resources available to them at the time.

The service aims to help Irish manufacturing industry engage in collaborative research and innovation nationally and internationally, by highlighting the: success stories; funding options; and supports services available to them.

There has been considerable uptake of this MIDIH enabled service, during its initiation in the final year of the I4MS initiative Phase III. A snowball effect in this service request has been experienced after considerable success acquiring funding for industry and the positive testimonials shared with the ecosystem in relation to the experience of the industry partners.

The service is also linked to the network of:

  • National Contact Points (NCPs) in Ireland-the main structure to provide guidance, practical information, and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon 2020; and
  • Development Advisers (DAs) appointed to Enterprise Ireland client companies involved in significant expansion, R&D, export or investment activity providing assistance with services, advice, programmes and financial supports.
Other activities
In addition, IMR have an extensive catalogue of products and services for Industry related to:
1. Advisory - Support to find investments;
2. Development - Skills and training;
3. Exchange - Innovation ecosystem and networking; &
4. Expertise - Test before investing.
Service for Industry and SMEs