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Blanenská 27
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INTEMAC is a modern centre of research and innovation. We focus on advanced technologies within the concept of Industry 4.0 and production technology. Among our activities belong also applied research, experimental development and education. INTEMAC provides expert services and access to modern technologies, while supporting the manufacturing companies and researchers within the South Moravian Region.

Our goal is to strengthen the competitive position of Czech manufacturers and suppliers of production technologies. INTEMAC therefore not only contributes to the development of the competitiveness of the relevant sectors, but also to the maintenance and creation of skilled jobs.

Intemac Solutions, s.r.o.

Intemac Solutions, s.r.o.

Contact Person
Petr Minář
Digitalization Support of Industry
+420 702 291 543
is SME contact

Testing and measurement in the field of geometry:

  • Digital differential spirit levels and accessories
  • Laser interferometer and accessories
  • Diagnostic equipment for determining the causes of inaccuracies in machine tools
  • Laser Tracker - system for measuring the accuracy of work spaces, machine geometry and loadbearing structures
  • Apparatus for measuring spindle accuracy
  • Set of non-contact displacement sensors

Machining technologies - optimization of the cutting process:

  • Dynamometer for measuring cutting force and torque
  • System for measuring and optimizing cutting stability during machining
  • High-speed camera
  • 3D optical device for measuring surface shape and roughness


  • Aggregate for testing the drive units of hydrostatic systems
  • Measuring and recording equipment, including a set of measuring sensors

Testing and measurement in the field of statics:

  • Static testing device –  dynamometer and a set of sensors

Testing and measurement in the field of dynamics:

  • System for measuring vibrations and structural dynamics

Testing and measurement in the field of heat:

  • Universal multi-functional data centre, accessories and a set of heat sensors
  • Thermal imaging camera

At the INTEMAC Research Centre, we offer comprehensive services and training opportunities to manufacturers, distributors and users of manufacturing technologies.Our services are based on the high-level expertize of our employees in the fields of construction, management and diagnostics of engineering technologies.

Experts on INTEMAC research and development teams address the practical problems of users and manufacturers of production technologies. They perform the necessary analyses and measurements, identify the weaknesses of machinery or processes, and prepare solutions. If necessary, they also help engineering firms with the introduction of new technologies.

INTEMAC expert services can be divided into 5 main areas:

1. Machining technologies:

  • - Analysis of the cutting force of the tool / workpiece
  • - Measurement of mechanical vibration and prediction of stable machining
  • - Analysis of geometry and wear of the cutting tool and the quality of machined surface
  • - Analysis of high-speed phenomena and temperature in machining

2. Precision of machine tools:

  • - Testing the precision of machine tools 
  • - Advanced (volumetric) compensation
  • - Measurement of the precision of large workpieces

3. Construction and optimization of machine loadbearing structures:

  • - Preliminary design of the individual components of the loadbearing structure
  • - Static stiffness and assessment of permissible limits
  • - Dynamic properties
  • - Optimization and realization

4. Dynamic properties of machines and equipment

  • - Measurement of mechanical vibration and noise in the time and frequency domain
  • - Modal analysis and operational modal analysis
  • - Operating forms of oscillations
  • - Dynamic compliance of machines and equipment

5. Intelligent production systems

  • - Intelligent components of production machines and systems
  • - Virtualization of machines and systems - Digital twin
  • - Predictive systems (Wear prediction of machine components)


Other activities
Consulting programme DIGIMAT
Programme DIGIMAT is introducing and implementing digital technologies into manufacturing companies in South Moravian region (Czech Republic). Programme DIGIMAT coordinates particular activities, contributes to education and recruitment of companies, interconnects companies with experts and helps to establish new projects in order to allow implementation of digital technologies into the Moravian manufacturing companies.

DIGIMAT DIH is first fully operational DIH in the Czech Republic providing companies (especialy SMEs) with customized services including needs analysis, tailor-made solution and its implementation with acredited specialist.
Service for Industry and SMEs