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ITCL (Technological Institute of Castilla y León) is an officially recognized technology center, private, non-profit, provider of multi-technology solutions for the resolution of different problems in the industry. ITCL was created by the Official Industrial Engineering Associations of Burgos and Palencia in 1989, aims to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, supporting, promoting and facilitating the use of technology as a tool for competitiveness of the business network from a commitment to integration in the system of science-technology - company-society.

ITCL develops the strategies needed to achieve the correct distribution and exploitation of the results of their R&D activity by facilitating the Technology transfer to companies, especially SMEs. Being an influential technological centre at regional and national levels in the field of production and development of R&D technologies. Its fundamental values are orientation to the customer, innovative character, technological reviews, efficiency and effectiveness, contribution of value to the customer. ITCL has a regular and growing presence in projects with national and international companies, with an intense and effective cooperative relationship with other technology centres, universities and scientific institutions, and an ongoing commitment to the principles of excellence and continuous improvement and, most importantly, the will to continue to contribute to the generation of knowledge to provide a better services to businesses and organizations.

We have knowledge and experience in the implementation of industry 4.0 projects. in different sectors. We provide digital solutions throughout the production cycle, enabling the Smart Factory concept. Our developments allow manufacturers to have a customized hardware platform, offering great flexibility and adaptability to different types of industry.

We have extensive experience in advanced electronic design solutions. Programming of software oriented to the control and management of embedded electronics, destined to the implementation in equipment goods. Our designs are carried out through the integration of microcontrollers and latest generation electronic components, maximizing the functionality to be implemented and the processing capacity.




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María Teresa COBO

is SME contact

ITCL has a complete laboratory in Computer Vision. The laboratory has various types of lighting for testing, cameras of different features, speeds and resolutions. In addition it has different sets of lenses and filters needed for test. The laboratory has several Computer Vision softwares in order to develop projects and the necessary human resources team to develop new algorithms specific for the new projects.

ITCL also has one of the largest laboratories in Spain of virtual and augmented reality; the laboratory has equipment consisting of 3D scanners, virtual reality headsets, helmets, See-through, workstations, motion capture systems, inertial sensors, virtual reality gloves, 3D screens and specific software.

Necessary equipment to be able to carry out the different stages in the manufacture of electronic prototypes, from the initial design phase, the manufacture of the prototype and short series in the laboratory, the serial production and EMC tests.


Development of research and development projects in virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision, computer graphics and simulation. Implementation of algorithms of artificial vision, techniques of SLAM, augmented reality, use of 3D graphics engines, modeling and texturing 3D models, programming on mobile platforms, integration of equipment, development of specific DLL, application of game theories, motion capture systems, development of driving simulators, Augmented Reality manuals and access to information for Industry 4.0; Virtual reality for Industries.

Advanced electronic design service, both hardware and software, with the ability to design and program customized electronic solutions.

Data capture systems with intelligent systems and advanced communication and microelectronics in sectors such as Industry 4.0; FoF (Factories of the Future); IIoT (Industrial IoT); M2M (Machine-to-Machine); machine Technology; Smart Cities; Smart Energy.

Energy Simulation Solutions: Energy modeling and optimization of large installations (industry and building)

MES Systems (BI-TAL Platform): solution for the efficient management of production. The combination of our knowledge of LEAN and Digital Enablers within the framework of Industry 4.0, allow us to deploy monitoring solutions, quantify productivity and the effect of improvements.

Development of LPWA networks, with different technologies.

Big Data architecture solutions: We design and implement infrastructures adapted to each type of industry, company and digital maturity degree of this and each project, to turn it into a success with direct positive impact on the income statement.

Advanced analytical solutions: Machine Learning Cycle, from the quantification of the impact of the business problem to determination of the decision rules to be implemented, through the creation of data set to work, the preparation and preprocessing of data, the selection of variables and construction, evaluation and validation of models using algorithms specifically selected for Industry 4.0 environments, some of the algorithms depending on the type of problem.


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