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Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX

Upper organisation
Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland
Research Center

3 Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie Str.
90-505 Lodz


The Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" is  specialized in R&D projects realization and scientific research in the field of broadly understood security technologies for services and citizens. Our area of experience includes solutions from uniforms, personal  and infrastructure protection (i.e. ballistic and anti-trauma protections), from the design of our own advanced materials, risk management and simulations, to medical devices used in the security area . Our technologies are used by state security and defence services, such as the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and State Protection Service. The key to the Institute success is close, active and long-term cooperation with LEAs, thanks to which the needs and expectations of these services are well known to us. MORATEX has many years of experience in designing technical and technological solutions, such as: ballistic and anti- trauma head protections, bullet- and fragment-proof vests, arm and leg protection and other products such as uniforms, special clothing and technical equipment, haemostatic topical agents intended for state security services. MORATEX successfully designs new and modern technologies to prevent the effects of phenomena and events that may pose a threat to society, including preventing the effects of attacks, crisis accidents, which also have the characteristics of a natural disaster. These solutions are effective and functional and most importantly dedicated to the needs of end-users. Solutions supporting services in the counteraction against threats and crime are based on professional methods of data analysis, identification of adverse events as well as advanced risk management methodology and creation of scenarios for the prevention, detection, response and mitigation. We extend these activities with the basics of training for practitioners, also involving the use of VR. The Institute conducts R&D projects, both domestic and international focused on implementing their results into practice. The Institute offer is addressed to services, other research entities, and industry (large enterprises, SME).

MORATEX is the most suitable partner for the R&D cooperation due to the following advantages:

  • a team of over 25 scientists with interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of security and extensive experience in developing technologies for industry and security services,
  • three accredited research laboratories with comprehensive equipment,
  • dedicated research departments – Project Design Department and IT Systems Design Department,
  • extensive network of contacts with LEA and many years of research work for industry and security services means reliable access to information on the needs and expectations of end users,
  • daily work with standards and our own supervision and product certification department guarantee knowledge of the procedures and standards.

Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX

Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX

Contact Person
Marta Polak
+48 42 637 37 63
Marcin Struszczyk
+48 42 637 37 63

The Chemical Research Laboratory equipment:

  1. a gas chromatograph coupled to a mass detector GCMS-QP2010 Ultra (prod. Shimadzu) and with flame ionization detector (FID – prod. 2010 PLUS/Shimadzu);
  2. UV-VIS spectrophotometer, V-670 model with integrating sphere, MODEL ILN-725 (prod. Jasco);
  3. FTIR Nicolet iS10 spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) with transmission and reflection (ATR) test attachment; 
  4. VIS Datacolor TM 400 spectrophotometer; 
  5. Automatic extractor B-811 (BUCHI);
  6. Microscope with B4-313 camera (Motic);  and  Optical microscope LAB 50M (Opti-tech);
  7. KINEXUS PRO oscillating and rotational reometer (MALVERN);
  8. Differential scanning calorimeter with DSC-3 equipment (Mettler-Toledo);
  9. Thermogravimetric analyser with TGA/DSC 3+ equipment (Mettler-Toledo);
  10. Dynamic mechanical analyser with DMA-1 equipment (Mettler-Toledo);
  11. ICP spectrometer – OES 5110 ICP – OES with autosampler SPS 4 (Agilent Technologies INC.);
  12. MARS 6 microwave mineralizer (CEM Corporation);
  13. small laboratory equipment: moisture analyzer MA 50.R (RADWAG); analytical balance AS 310/C/2 (RADWAG); AS 62.X2 analytical balance;
  14. Water baths with shaker VIBRA 6 (AJL Elecronic) and SWB 22N (Laboplay);
  15. pH-meter CP-505 (ELMETRON);

The Metrological Research Laboratory equipment:

  1. Instron metrological machine with tooling adapted for yarn testing (range 2,5kN);
  2. Zwick metrological machine with instrumentation adapted for the testing of technical products (range 25kN);
  3. Zwick metrological machine with instrumentation adapted to the testing of technical products and ropes and belts (range 50kN);
  4. "de MATTIA" bending resistance test device;
  5. Martindale abrasion and pilling test device;
  6. box apparatus for the study of the phenomenon of piling;
  7. MESDAN torsionmeter;
  8. FX-3300 TEXTTEST AG air permeability test device;
  9. FX-3000 TEXTTEST waterproof test device;
  10. FF-10 rain resistance test apparatus and Bundesmann apparatus;
  11. Paramount Europe sprinkler spray tester;
  12. a device for measuring heat resistance and water vapour resistance under fixed state conditions (method of boiling heat-insulated plate;
  13. Xenotest Alpha+;
  14. Tilmet thickness gauge;
  15. a station for testing the flammability and spread of flame;
  16. FIRE Instrumentation and Research Equipment Limited – oxygen index;
  17. Servathin SECASI climate chamber high and low temperatures;
  18. KBF 240 BINDER GmbH climate chamber;
  19. Tera 6206 omometer with electrodes - surface and transom resistance;
  20. Metreso 2000 electrode set - surface resistance, sequection and among points;
  21. a position for testing the loss of load and the shielding factor;
  22. Digi Wash laundry room for stain resistance;
  23. Wascator FOM71CLS.

The scope of the accredited tests comprises around 85 test methodologies (standardized methods or own test procedures) to test rubber and plastic coated products, flat textiles, technical packaging, personal protection.

The Ballistic Research Laboratory equipment:

  1. Barrels for Universal ballistic breech:4,6 x 30; 40 S&W; 357 Magnum; 44 Rem. Mag.; 38 Special; 380 AUTO; 5,7 x 28; 7,62 x 25; 30-06 Spring.; 7,62 x 39; 9 x 19; 7,62 x 51; 5,56 x 45; 7,62 x 54;
  2. Special purpose test barrels FSP (up to 1800 m/s), FSP (up to 900 m/s)
  3. Intelligent light gates - range of velocity measured up to 2500 m/s
  4. The Anti Stab and Anti Blunt tester stands are special devices designed for realizing drop test according to NIJ Standard 0115; BS 7971; EN 397
  5. Stand for Ballistic Impact Attenuation Test according to NIJ Standard 0106
  6. FLIR A310 features a 320 x 240 pixel vanadium oxide (VOx)
  7. The High-Speed Phantom v711 includes wide screen 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor, which allows moving targetsto be kept in the frame longer and so to see more of the event being recorded. The wide sensor also enables true 1280 x 720 HD images from a 1Mpx camera. With the v711, a maximum speed of 7530 frames-per-second can achieve at full resolution. At reduced resolutions, the camera can deliver up to 680,000 frames-per-second or up to 1,400,000 fps with the FAST option.
  8. The HYBRID III Fiftieth Percentile crash test dummy, representing the average adult male (head and neck; upper torso) - used during ballistics research
  9. the Hybrid III 50th male features a neck design that simulates the human dynamic moment / rotation, flexion, and extension response characteristics of an average size adult male.
  10. the upper torso has 6 high strength steel ribs with polymer based damping material to simulate human chest force-deflection characteristics.
  11. MK 720 BINDER GmbH climate chamber.

 Research and Development Department (R&D):

The Research and Development Department (R&D) carries out the specialized R&D projects and scientific research in the area of personal protectors and innovative materials as well as technologies. Additionally, the technical and technological solutions in frame of uniforms, special clothing and technical equipment intended for state security and defence services are the main aspect of research activities. MORATEX designs new and modern technologies to prevent the effects of events posing a public threat. The designed solutions are verified and validate resulted in safety and performance. The realized research works are focused on implementation to industrial practice.

The Research and Development Department (R&D) is equipped with advanced 3D workbench systems - Modern CAD/CAM Software for individual protective systems simulations, advanced textile design and engineering. We also have modern computing cluster with specialized software, used in wide range in our activity areas, for example for the advanced 3D visualization and prototyping.

  1. High performance computing cluster with specialized multifunctional software, enabling advanced 3D visualization and prototyping. The cluster is based on ANSYS WORKBENCH® including: ANSYS LS-Dyna® ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise Solver®, ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise PrePost®, ANSYS HPC Pack®, SpaceClaim®,
  2. Dedicated Software used for advanced textile design and engineering (OPTITEX®, OPTITEX 3D® and Corel For Fashion®), providing a complete solution in all stages, from design, over the pattern, documentation, to final textile product visualization, enabling personalization textiles and clothing for special needs of our customers,
  3. Dedicated AR / VR solutions and equipment at the development stage,
  4. Our equipment runs on Intel® Xeon® Gold 6134 CPU @ 3.20GHz and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 graphics units,
  5. 3D Scanner system: Artec Spider 3D Scanner with dedicated Artec Studio Software,
  6. 3D compact scanning: 3D GOM Atos Compact Scan 8m



Our services

  • certified laboratory tests in the areas of chemistry, ballistics and metrology;
  • expert analyses and opinions;
  • carrying out R&D and R&I projects;
  • raising funds for the implementation of research and development projects;
  • design and development of dedicated technologies and products;
  • improvement of production processes;
  • technical consulting;
  • supporting standardization processes;
  • trainings.


Our partners & customers:

  • Industry;
  • Security Services;
  • Scientific and research units;
  • National and international consortia.


We provide services in the following areas of specialization:

  • clothing and protective products:
  • bullet and fragments-proof vests;
  • special clothing and uniforms;
  • protective products (helmets, shields, equipment sets, etc.);
  • product individualization.
  • infrastructure protection:
  • armouring protection for vehicles and buildings;
  • pneumatic products (jump cushions, flood protection solutions);
  • medical devices:
    • wound dressing;
    • haemostatic topical agents;
    • packaging system for medical devices design;
    • implants;
    • medical equipment.
  • innovative materials:
    • textiles;
    • composites;
    • polymer materials;
    • foils;
    • impact energy absorbers;
    • metamaterials.
  • algorithms and simulations:
    • event risk and decision risk analysis;
    • simulations;
    • algorithms;
    • VR & AR.
  • disposal and deprivation of products performance and safety.


Service for Industry and SMEs