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Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants

Research Center

Wojska Polskiego 71B
60-630 Poznan


The Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants INF&MP (Intytut Włókien Naturalnych i Roślin Zielarskich, IWNiRZ) is an interdisciplinary research centre with international standing, involved in complex research on obtaining and processing of fibrous and herbal raw materials.
The main fields of IWNiRZ activities:

  • Biotechnology,
  • Breeding new cultivars of fibrous and medicinal plants, agronomy and preliminary processing,
  • Extraction and processing technologies of natural fibres and their modification for textile and non-textile applications,
  • Development of functional textiles including pro-healthy and medical products based on natural raw materials,
  • Agro-fine chemicals obtained from plants, nutrients and dietetic products,
  • New applications for oil cultivars of fibrous plants (dietetic and medicinal products),
  • Bio-fuels obtained from fibrous plants,
  • Development of renewable, biodegradable raw materials for industry,
  • Technologies of fire- and bio-retardants production,
  • Environmental protection in natural fibres processing,
  • Recipes and technologies for Polish herbal medicinal products,
  • Complex research on biologically active substances i.e. quality evaluation, development of analytical methods and their validation as well as stability testing, 
  • Pharmacological and microbiological testing of herbal raw materials and products,
  • Expert’s reports on new food products in terms of human health or life hazard,
  • Expert’s reports and consultations for state and local government authorities and commercial companies,
  • Research on herbal plants, herbal products, plant medicines, dietetic and functional food.

The Institute is involved in a number of national and international research projects; cooperates multi directionally with numerous enterprises, research centres worldwide; works for agriculture, environment protection, construction, transport, textile sector, food and pharmaceutical industries and medicine.

Innovative technologies developed by IWNiRZ for SMEs and industry needs:

·       Bioactive clothing of health promoting and skin care properties,

·       A sustainable technology producing of flax fibre of alternative quality from traditional and new varieties of fibrous plants,

·        The development of eubiotic preparations for livestock

·        Developing an innovative technology of second generation bioethanol production from biomass of sorghum (Sorghum sp.) and miscanthus (Miscanthus sp.)

·        New silano-organic agents for treatment of natural fibres and fabrics

·        An innovative technology of harvesting and processing of flax for single-type fibre.

·        The biotechnological method of receiving herbal raw material Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.) Scop. to produce a dietary supplement used in the prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis

·        New environment friendly polymer composites with the use of renewable resources

·        Ecological sanitary mats made of natural fibers

·        Development of technology for obtaining cannabinoids from hemp with a low THC content as remedies supporting cancer treatment

·       Development of a new Bio-Composite from renewable resources with improved thermal and fire resistance for manufacturing a truck internal part with high quality surface finishing.

·       Smart Nano-structured Devices Hierarchically Assembled by bio-mineralization processes.

·       Remediation of degraded land in the region of Lignite Mine Konin by cultivation of industrial hemp.

·        Fiber Crops as a Sustainable Source of Bio-based Materials for Industrial Products

·        Development of Innovative and Environmental Ways for Reactive Fire Retardancy of Polymer Systems Reinforced with Bio-fibres

·       Natural Aligned Fibres and Textiles for Use in Structural Composites Applications

The Centres for Excellence CELLUBAST and Medicinal Plants in Nutrition and Medicine, Accredited Flammability as well as Textile Laboratories (Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 225) operate at the IWNiRZ.

The research conducted at the Institute covers development of functionalization of textiles made of natural fibres and blends to meet needs of their multidirectional  application, utilization of polluted land by cultivation of non-food crops, use of co-products from processing of textile raw materials and modern composite materials based on textile raw materials. Nanotechnology (nano-fibres from natural resources and nano-modifiers for intumescent fire retardant systems) are also objectives of the work conducted at IWNiRZ.

Another field of research conducted at the IWNiRZ is determining the physiological effect of fibres, fabrics and other textile products on human organism.

Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants is a member of:

·       Center for Advanced Technologies of Wielkopolska Region - WCZT

·       Polish Chamber of Flax and Hemp,

·       Gdynia Cotton Association,

·       European Technology Platform,

·       Euratex,

·       FAO Escorena

Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants

Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants

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  • Automatic Tensile Tester – STATIMAT ME - Determination of indices at static tension (elongation at break, tenacity, breaking force).
  • USTER AUTOSORTER III – Determination of yarn linear density (mass per unit length).
  • Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester – Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics and propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling.
  • Air Permeability Tester III FX 3300 – Determination of permeability of fabrics to air.
  • Solarscreen Fabric Analyzer CARY 50 Solar UV protective properties -method of test for apparel fabrics.
  • SGHP -8.2 (Sweating Guarde Hot Plate) - Determination of physiological properties. Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state condition.
  • SEM S-3400N (Scanning Electron Microscope) – Evaluation of fibres surface as well as cross section, shape, fibre diameter, area of cross section, fibres damages and modification.
  • TGA FTIR – Set for quality and quantity identification on natural fibers.
  • Skin Surface Moisture Content – Determination of physiological properties. Measurement of  skin moisture and skin water content.
  • WIRA FINENESS METER – Determination of linear density of flax fibre.
  • SDL 003B – Determination of stifness of textiles.
  • MONSANT MR-1 – Determination of recovery from creasing of horizontally folder specimen by measuring the angle of recovery.
  • STANINGTESTER – Determination of colour fastness to rubbing.
  • Laboratory device for long fiber content determination Used for determination the long fiber content in a  retted flax and hemp straw.
  • Experimental retting tank for fiber plants Used for the controlled flax and hemp straw retting. It allows to simulate  physical, chemical and biochemical processes having effect on the lignocellulosic material in an aqueous environment.
  • Sieving and storting device The device for sieving and separation of individual fractions of shives and fractionated lignocellulosic raw material (fibers and shives) by shaking action.
  • Laboratory hammer mill used for grinding of easy and difficult to grind  fibrous materials.
  • Laboratory fibre cutter used for cutting natural fibers.
  • Osmotic degumming apparatus, with water softening. It is used for degumming of bast fibrous plants. The process is carried out with an experimental device operating in the periodic mode.
  • Laboratory shacking machine – used for mechanical removing of shaves from fibres.
  • Laboratory breaking machine used for mechanical removing of shaves from bast fibrous plants.
  • Laboratory turbine – used for obtaining of fibres from bast fibrous plats.
  • Cooling incubator with compressor technology used for chemical evaluation of  bast fibres.
  • Drying and heating chamber – used for chemical evaluation of  bast fibres.
  • Heating circulators – used for evaluation of polymerisation degree of cellulose in fibres.
  • Digital rotator – used for evaluation of polymerisation degree of cellulose in fibres.
  • Analytical balance ABT 220-4M used for chemical evaluation of  bast fibres.
  • Universal Cutting Mill - used for chemical evaluation of  bast fibres.
  • Twin screw extruder LEISTRITZ MICRO 27 GL/GG-44D with Brabender gravimetric feeding system.
  • Laboratory extruder Dynisco LME, Take up system Dynisco TUS, Chopper LEC
  • Laboratory Mixing Molder Dynisco LMM
  • 3D Filament winder
  • Injection molding machine HAITIAN MARS II MA600
  • MATHIS LABCOATER Dryer with Coating Device Type «LTE-S»
  • MATHIS 2-Roll Laboratory Padder horizontal  or vertical Type «HVF»
  • Cone calorimeter Atlas Cone2a
  • Pyrolysis combustion flow calorimeter/ FAA Micro calorimeter
  • Apparatus for determining the flammability by oxygen index method (LOI)
  • Rheometer Anton Paar Physica MCR 101 with adapter for testing electrorheological
  • Hydraulic press Centrostal-Soma PHMW-135/I with bonding device
  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, model V-630 and S-10
  • UV chamber
  • Autoclave HMC Europe PB 20/2013
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer model 300 V / 7
  • Ultrasonic Processor VCX 750 W Sonics
  • OPTA-TECH MP-349 9 MP Microscope camera
  • Vertical Laminar Airflow Cabinet KLVS-1c
  • Vertical Laminar Airflow Cabinet
  • Climatic chamber BINDER KBF New 720
  • Vacuum drying WTB BINDER
  • Vibratory Sieve Shaker Analysette 3
  • Laboratory lyophilizer model ReeZone 1 Liter
  • Real-Time Thermocycler - Toptical Gradient 96
  • High-performance liquid chromatography
  • (Attana Cell 200 System ) analysis of molecular interactions with cells and microparticles
  • Microscope ZEISS Primo Vert
  • Airpress screw compressor SXC 8/1
  • T100™ Thermal Cycler
  • System for real-time molecular research
  • Capillary electrophoresis apparatus
  • Laminar chamber NC2-4L8
  • Set of equipment components for ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with UV/Vis and Corona Veo charged aerosol detector (UHPLC-DAD/CD) within chromatography data system (instrument control, automation, data processing, and more)
  • Set of equipment components for gas chromatography with flame ionisation detector (GC-FID) within chromatography data system (instrument control, automation, data processing, and more)
  • Set of equipment components for preparative chromatography with diode array detector (MPLC-DAD) within chromatography data system (instrument control, automation, data processing, and more)
  • Modular Vacuum evaporator within equipment to evaporate multiple samples simultaneously and cooling system
  • Set of equipment components for high performance liquid chromatography with UV/Vis and IR detector (HPLC-DAD/IR) within chromatography data system (instrument control, automation, data processing, and more)
  • Spray drying, yield about 1g/h with accessories, used for dehumidifying from liquid products to powder form
  • Semi-technic spray drying, yield about 5kg/h with accessories, used for dehumidifying from liquid products to powder form
  • Process tank, volume 50L, stainless steel, to conduct chemical processes in the range of 0 to 90 C, current pH control, the possibility of mixing and homogenization
  • Semi-technic extractor tank, volume 150L, for alcohol and water extraction
  • Vacuum device, volume to 10L, for evaporation, concentration of solutions, drying of powders and granules, recrystallization, extraction
  • Preparative, laboratory centrifuge adapted for centrifugation of large volumes to 4x800 ml
  • Analytical balance with 0.0001 g range for weighing laboratory samples and standards
  • Climatic chamber 115 L of a microprocessor temperature control system, humidification or dehumidification
  • Microwave laboratory system for sample mineralization
  • Laboratory furnace, max 1100 ° C for a calcination laboratory samples
  • Laboratory dryer for drying, heating and other research work requiring elevated temperatures
  • Equipment for the preparation of analytical samples (chromatographic) and laboratory analyzes (fume cupboards, automatic pipettes, electronic dispensers, laboratory balances, micro-syringes, crimper, ultrasonic bath, shaking machine, laboratory centrifuge, water bath, pH meter, water purification system, grinder, laboratory glass and others)

·        Trainings in terms of material science of natural fibers and medicinal plants, agriculture methods of fibrous plants cultivation, technology of bast fibers extraction; training dedicated to SMS in textile, herbal and agriculture sector as well as handicrafts and artistic work based on natural fibers, natural dyeing and printing;

·        Prototyping – example:  prototype of clothing supporting skin diseases treatment;

·        Development of technologies of natural flax and hemp fibers extraction, modification, dyeing with natural dyestuff, nanocoating, functionalization, composites with the use of renewable resources, technology for obtaining cannabinoids from hemp with a low THC content, improvement of thermal and fire resistance;

·        Testing of fibers, semi-products and textile products, in terms of their properties, chemical composition, as well as test of textile influence on human body; flammability, microbiological tests, flax seed Lini semen (chemical composition and applications for food, dietary supplements and medicinal products); hemp Cannabis (chemical composition of hemp seed and stems: THC, CBD, CBN, essential oils for  food, dietary supplements and medicinal products); pharmacological and analytical tests of medicinal products , especially of plant medicinal products and dietary supplements of plant origin, phytochemical evaluation of the quality of plant materials and their preparations, plant, synthetic and homeopathic medicinal products and dietary supplements containing plant substances in order to determine quality parameters; tests of pesticide and hazardous heavy metal trace in plant materials and products and in dietary supplement; tests of bioavailability of synthetic medicines and preparations of plant origin;

·        Design of decorative textile accessories, barrier products and filtration materials; design of clothing properties guaranteeing positive effect on human physiology, technological chain of functional textiles, fibers processing, composites, painting with natural dyestuffs and others.

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