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240 Avenue Professeur Emile Jeanbrau
34090 Montpellier


The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute provides companies with R&D support in Chemistry, Materials and Processes. We address environmental and societal concerns in the energy, health, cosmetics and transport industries. We offer innovative solutions to our partners, drawing upon our expertise in green chemistry and processes and in materials with enhanced properties. The comprehensive coverage of these areas by our research groups and the access to four state-of-the-art technological platforms allows us to meet any challenge.

Institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat

Institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat

Contact Person
Mohamed Sidi-Ykhlef

is SME contact

Plateforme d'Analyse et Caractérisation (PAC) :

SynBio3 :

ChemLab :

Plateforme Nationale de Frittage Flash (PNF2) :

Plateforme Fabrication Additive :


Pluri-disciplinary research in key activity sectors:

- Energy: alternative fuels, fuel cells, hydrogen vector, electrochemical storage and conversion, structural materials for the nuclear power industry 

- Health and Cosmetics: drugs, vectors for drug delivery, biomaterials, pharmacological tools, medical devices 

- Transportation (aeronautics, space, rail, automobile): structural materials, coatings, components

- High-performance Materials: metals, alloys, nano-materials, ceramics, polymers, fabrication methods, durability

- Bio-sourced Chemicals and Materials

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