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Private research centre

Polígono Industrial Campo Alto
Calle Alemania 102
03600 Elda A


INESCOP is a Centre for Technology and Innovation, founded in 1971 as a private and non-profit making association. With more than 45 years of experience, the Institute works to provide technology services, transfer knowledge and conduct research on general relevant topics for the footwear sector.

Our MISSION is to ensure that the knowledge and technologies reach the business network and result in business value in terms of improved products, materials, processes and methods.

Since 1971, INESCOP works to provide technology services, transfer knowledge and conduct research on relevant topics for the footwear sector. We foster innovation in the footwear industries by offering solutions adapted to their scientific and technical needs, thus providing a wide range of technological services aimed at enhancing the quality and performance of products and boosting business competitiveness in areas such as:

  • Testing and Quality management
  • R&D&innovation Consultancy
  • Advanced technologies
  • Healthcare technologies
  • Adhesives research
  • Advanced materials
  • Environmental management
  • Software for footwear
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Training

INESCOP is a leader in:

  1. Quality management
  2. Research on adhesives
  3. Software development for footwear

The companies’ support is ensured by the facilities and equipment that we own, but especially by our staff made up of 100 highly-skilled professionals, 19 of them being PhDs. Our member companies, more than 400, and clients, more than 1000 yearly, benefit from a fully specialised close-to-market approach.

Since early years INESCOP has been engaged in the coordination and/or collaboration in R&D&innovation projects at regional, national and European level. Worldwide we develop cooperation actions in training, technological support and technology transfer with countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, China, Japan and Thailand. 

INESCOP belongs to

  • Network of Technology Institutes of the Region of Valencia (REDIT).
  • Technological platform of traditional manufacturing sectors of the Region of Valencia  (PLATECMA)
  • Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT)
  • Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR).
  • Spanish Association of Adhesives and Glues Manufacturers (ASEFCA).
  • Additive & 3D Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain. (ADDIMAT).
  • Spanish Technological Platform for Advanced Manufacturing (MANU-KET)
  • Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials Spanish Technological Platform (MATERPLAT)
  • International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians. (U.I.T.I.C.)  
  • European Factories of the Future Research Association. (E.F.F.R.A.)
  • European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SUSCHEM)



Contact Person

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Adhesives & Nanotechnology laboratory

  • Scanning Electron Microscope + Elemental Analysis
  • Controlled-stress rheometer
  • Dynamic-mechanical thermal analysis - DMA

Quality analysis laboratory

  • Slip test equipment
  • X-ray equipment
  • Thermographic camera

Biotechnology laboratory

  • Biodegradation equipment based on ISO 20136
  • Fluostar Omega (Labtech)
  • GeoDocR (Biorad)

Functional analysis laboratory

  • VICON® motion capture and analysis system with 10 cameras and 2 AMTI force platforms.
  • NORAXON® Portable Inertial Motion Capture and Analysis System
  • NORAXON® Surface Electromyography System
  • NOVEL® Pedar Instrumented Insoles
  • NOVEL® Emed -a50/CL Pressure Platform

Microelectronics laboratory

  • Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS series
  • Lecroy Oscilloscope 6030
  • Arbitrary waveform generator TTI, TGA1244

Computer lab

  • HD material scanner
  • 3D foot digitiser
  • 3D foot sole digitiser
  • 3D last digitiser

Robotics Laboratory

  • UR
  • ABB
  • Comau

Our main KET R&I services are aimed at boosting competitiveness and innovation in the footwear sector industries, contributing to their adaptation to current needs and market demands by means of:

- Advanced manufacturing technologies & Laser based applications

  • Demonstration
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Product development
  • Implementation
  • Training

- Advanced materials, IB & Nanotechnology

  • Access to technology expertise and facilities for validation
  • Demonstration
  • Lab testing
  • Pilot production and demonstration / pilot lines
  • Product validation and certification
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