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INCDO-INOE 2000, Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Subsidiary (ICIA) Cluj-Napoca


67 Donath Street
400293 Cluj Napoca


INCDO-INOE 2000, Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Subsidiary (ICIA) Cluj-Napoca ( is a national research institute dedicated to applied analytical chemistry in three main directions: Bioenergy and Biomass, Instrumental Analytical Chemistry and Environment and Health. The institute is accredited for research since 2008 (ANCS Decision no. 9634/14.04.2008) and at the evaluation as research institute it was obtained grade A+. ICIA has implemented the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 (certificate nr. RO13474Q).
The Institute manages remarkable endowment appropriate to the multidisciplinary character from research to technology transfer, enabling the approach of projects from the research stage to that of technology transfer to the beneficiary. ICIA Subsidiary is deeply concerned, by the performed activity, to sustain and stimulate the technology transfer, in close correlation with its own research strategy.
ICIA Subsidiary has as objectives: research, analytical methodologies elaboration for a wide range of samples; design and construction of laboratory analytical instruments; performing of chemical analyses and provide services of information, advice and representation for business. The research addresses environmental and health programs, development of new types of systems, equipments, optoelectronics instrumentation for analytical investigation to be applied in the fields of environmental protection, health, safety and food security; technologies modernization, clean technologies, bioenergy, biomass, through the laboratories Analytics and Instrumentation, Environment and Health, Bioenergy-Biomass.
Laboratory „Bioenergy-Biomass” is focused on obtaining renewable fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol, and biogas), from biomass and inclusively by-products; realization of technologies and installation for the renewable fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas) production, and development of advanced processes for the biomass conversion to electricity and heat. It is composed of
• Laboratory “Renewable energy”, LER, for the elaboration and development of innovative processes for new, modern and cost efficient technologies destined for the superior capitalization of the renewable resources and biofuels obtaining, having in view their large-scale implementation on the market
• Laboratory for Biofuel Quality Certification, CABIO, for the elaboration and development of some innovative processes dedicated to biofuels quality determination and to perform analyses in order to certify the biofuels quality, according to European standards for biodiesel (SR EN 14214) and bioethanol (SR EN 15376).
One can be mentioned the following ICIA’s results:
- advanced technologies for biofuels obtaining (biodiesel; bioethanol from wood, bias from biogenic wastes, algal biofuel)
- validation of new analytical methods for biofuels production,
- biofuels quality certification (biodiesel and bioethanol)
- elaboration of the national strategy for biofuels and the BIOMASS Action Plan
- public information campaigns regarding the advantages of biofuels and other renewable fuels usage and the benefits of their implementation on large scale
Institute has significant scientific contributions to the development of:
- technologies for bioethanol obtaining from lignocellulosic biomass by acid hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis using environmentally friendly methods (lab scale) (Patent Nr.127297/30.04.2014; Patent Nr. 126407/28.02.2012);
- technologies for 2nd generation biofuels obtaining from crude and used oil by transesterification (Patent Nr. 127018/30.08.2013);
- technologies for biodiesel obtaining from algae (lab scale) (Patent Nr.128691/30.05.2014);
- technologies for biogas obtaining from biogenic wastes;
- technology for purification of glycerin resulted as a byproduct in the process of biodiesel obtaining;
- small capacity installation, (200 l/charge) for biodiesel production from vegetable oil (homologated and transferred to the beneficiary);
- technology for biodiesel/additive obtaining from renewable sources, through a carbonatation reaction of glycerol acetals (on lab-scale);
- technology for biopetrols obtaining white beet biomass and zeolites;
- biodiesel obtained by treating fatty acids, their esters and glycerides with hydrogen enriched gas;
- traffic testing of the biodiesel obtained from vegetable oils (in Cluj-Napoca);
- solutions necessary to elaborate modern, non-pollutant, cost-efficient technologies for the biofuels obtaining (biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas) from renewable resources.
ICIA Cluj-Napoca has also as objectives to provide information services, advice and assistance for business through The Technology Transfer Centre (CENTI), since 2004.
For over nine years as a member of Enterprise Europe Network, created by the European Commission and now extended to 66 countries, The Technology Transfer Centre (CENTI), offers a wide range of specialized services for business. More details can be found at the following website:

INCDO-INOE 2000, Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Subsidiary (ICIA) Cluj-Napoca

INCDO-INOE 2000, Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Subsidiary (ICIA) Cluj-Napoca

Contact Person
Emilia GILCA

is SME contact

ICIA infrastructure
- ICP-MS ELAN DRC II Perkin-Elmer
- ICP-OES Optima 5300 DV Perkin Elmer
- ICP-AES SpectroflameD Spectro Analytical
- GF-AAS1100 Perkin-Elmer
- UV/VIS Spectrophotometer LAMBDA 25 Perkin-Elmer
- FAAS 3030B Perkin-Elmer
- UV/VIS Spectrophotometer CE 3041 CECIL
- FT-IR Spectrum BX Perkin Elmer
- Hydra C Mercury Analyzer for solids, Leemen Teledyne Instruments
- Hydra AF Mercury Analyzer for liquids, Leemen Teledyne Instruments
- XRF INNOV x System X-ray portable Spectrometer
- Multi C/N 2100S Analyzer Analytic Jena
- Multi X 2000, organic halogens analyzer, Analytic Jena
- X-Ray Diffractometer D8 Advance, Bruker

- 6890N Gas chromatograph with 5975 B Mass Detector Agilent Technologies
- 6890N Gas chromatograph with ECD and NPD Agilent Technologie
- 7890A GC-FID, Agilent Technologies with Combi-PAL Autosampler CTC Analytics
- TSQ 8000 Evo GC-MS/MS Thermo Scientific
- Agilent 1200 Series HPLC with Applied Biosystem 3200 QTrap LC/MS/MS system
- HPLC Series 200 UV/VIS Detector and Fluorescence Detector, Perkin Elmer
- 761 Compact Ion Chromatograph Metrohm
- 3000A Micro GC, Agilent Technologies

Electrochemistry, gravimetry, volumetry
- 831 KF Coulometer Metrohm
- 809 Titrando Metrohm
- 797 VA Voltammeter, Computarce
- 220 A SCS Analytical Balance Precisa Instruments
- 3340 WTW Sentix pH-meter JENWAY
- Multiparameter 350i WTW
- HI 8033 Conductometer Hanna Instruments
- INOLAB 740 Oxygenometer WTW

- Rotational Viscometer VISCO STAR Plus L, Fungilab
- Pensky-Martens Flashpoint Tester, PM4, Petrotest
- Diesel engine for determining the cetane number F5-Waukesha Engine, Dresser, Inc. Wisconsin USA
- Apparatus for copper stip corrosion analysis, JULABO MC
- 6200 Calorimeter Parr
- Engine for determining the octane number F1/F2-Waukesha Engine, Dresser, Inc. Wisconsin USA
- Pilot installation for biodiesel obtaining (crude and used vegetable oils)


ICIA Services
- training for chemical technician (spectroscopy and gas-chromatography techniques)
- consultancy in the field of biofuels obtaining technologies;
- assistance in the field of Romanian legislation in force, in biofuels production and commercialization.
- assistance for technologies development at lab scale to pilot level and to put into operation
- quality certification of biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol according to SR EN 14214 and SR EN 1537, respectively);
- assistance for environmental quality assessment, monitoring and legislation in force (chemical analyses of water, soil, air, sludge, waste and vegetation, admissible levels)

Service for Industry and SMEs