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IK4-TEKNIKER is a technological centre legally constitued as a private not-for-profit Foundation that aims at the development and transfer of technology to improve the competitiveness of industry. In line with its mission and origin, IK4-TEKNIKER is mainly concentrated on the technological problems of manufacturing industry, not only by providing the companies with novel technologies, but also by generating new business initiatives, most often born as "spin-offs" of the center itself.

The fields of activity can be organised around 4 main research areas:

-Advanced Manufacturing.

-Surface Engineering.

-ICT tools for industrial shopfloors.

-Product Engineering.

Offering a wide variety of solutions in:

-Mechatronic systems.

-Industrial maintenance.

-Automation and industrial robotics.

-Multi-functional surfaces.

-Inspection and measuring.

-Sensor devices.

-Innovation and competitive intelligence.



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-A pilot line for Additive Manufacturing of very large pieces.

-A pilot line for laser-based manufacturing processes.

-A pilot line in tribology and surface coatings.

-A test benches group for characterizing all critical elements of windmills.

-A pilot line for testing a wide range of chip removal processes (milling machines, lathes...).

-A Robotics pilot line, mainly centred at human-robot collaboration and space sharing.

-A demonstrator of IoT applied to industrial environments and predictive maintenance.

-3 clean rooms for micro and nano 2D high precision manufacturing.

-An ultraprecision shopfloor.

-A bunker for carrying out dangerous mechanical tests.

-A dimensional metrology laboratory.


-Design, manufacturing and assembly of mechatronical equipments, some of them to be sold as turn key solutions in fields such as: test benches, big scientific equipment, new prototypes of manufacturing assets.

-Developing new manufacturing processes specifically defined for particular and difficult challenges.

-Design and development of the new vacuum chambers for PVD coating processes, as well as the implied processes.

-Daily dimensional calibration, dimensional characterization of machines and in situ measuring of very big equipment.

-A wide offer for automation and control, introducing smartness in the whole value chain and the concepts from Industry 4.0 paradigm, including: sensoring, digitising, maintenance and control, virtual twin...

-Robotic solutions for industry and logistics in complex assembly operations, bin picking, picking...

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