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I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Upper organisation
Science Foundation Ireland
Research Center

L0.13 CSCB Building, O'Brien Science Centre
University College Dublin
Co. Dublin
D04 N2E5


At I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, our mission is to shape the future of manufacturing through high-impact research into the application of digital technologies to materials processing. 

We work in close collaboration with our industry partners (start-ups, SMEs and MNCs) on research projects (2 to 4 years duration) that augment their technology roadmaps and deliver impactful results that enhance their long-term manufacturing competitiveness.

A major focus area for I-Form is the development of efficient and sustainable Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. Our research focuses on deep materials, in-process and post-processing characterisation; development of advanced predictive modelling tools; and application of machine learning to process feedback and control.

We also support research into the application of digital technologies in the wider materials processing space; including precision machining, surface engineering, bonding/joining, casting and moulding.

I-Form is a founding member of the EIT Manufacturing Knowledge and Innovation Community.

I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Contact Person
John Oliver
Centre Manager

Additive Manufacturing

  • Metal laser based powder bed fusion (LB-PBF)
  • Polymer steriolithography (SLA), fused filament fabrication (FFF), PBF and jetting processes
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (paper based)
  • Robot arm for multi-axis FFF

Other Materials Processing

  • Multi-axis precision engineering equipment
  • Plasma Surface Treatment systems


  • Micro and Nano X-Ray CT Scanning
  • High resolution SEM, TEM, XPS, EDX, FIB, XRD, OES
  • 3D Optical Profilometry
  • Metallurgical Microscopy
  • Various mechanical property tests (hardness, fatigue etc.)

  • Advanced manufacturing research
  • Training, undergraduate,post graduate and industry upskilling/reskilling
  • Prototyping for feasibility demonstration as part of a research collaboration
Other activities
Societal Engagement activities and open days
Primary and Secondary school activities to promote STEM as careers
Particular focus on promoting gender balance in STEM through youth and general public awareness campaigns.
Service for Industry and SMEs