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Advanced Technologies for Industry
Non-Profit Organisation

Parque tecnológico de Asturias
33428 Llanera, Asturias


ITMA Materials Technology is a Spanish private and non-profit technological organization, which aims at promoting and executing research and innovation for industrial companies (especially SMEs) through its expertise in applied research and technological development in the specific field of materials science and technology. ITMA´s R&D activities on KETs (especially regarding advanced materials, advanced manufacturing technologies and photonics) comprise the following areas of specialisation: steel and metallic alloys, ceramics, refractory materials & raw materials, active materials, plastics & composites, surfaces and engineering.

Fundacion ITMA

Fundacion ITMA

Contact Person
Ramón Bernardo de la Rúa
Director of Active Materials and Plastics & Composites Departments
is SME contact
  • Fusion pilot plant; induction furnaces. Heat treatment furnaces.
  • Light optical microscopes, confocal, electronic microscopes (SEM and FEG SEM) and XRD
  • Thermal analysis (DTA, TGA, DSC and DIL) and in situ thermal analysis.
  • Specific Software: Selector material (CES Selector) and thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations (Thermo-Calc). 
  • Rhesca hot-dip galvanizing simulator
  • Universal testing machines(up to 1 MN and 200 Hz) with furnaces (up to 1100ºC) and temperature champers (from -150ºC up to 300ºC) , for dynamic and static tests.
  • Static and dynamic multiaxial test rig
  • Creep and stress-rupture machines (until 1100ºC)
  • Slow strain rate machine for stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen induced cracking test equipment.
  • Amplifier-logging device to experimental stress measurements by strain gage method
  • Tribology Lab: Pin-on-disc, high frequency friction test machine, twin disc rolling contact fatigue
  • Welding robot cell with DX100 dynamic controller, utilizing CMT and TIG welding processes.
  • Lincoln gantry automatic welding machine for submerged arc welding process: single wire, tandem, tiny twin and multiwire system, with 3 power sources AC/DC 1000 SD
  • MIG/MAG/TIG/SMAW welding machines
  • Resistance spot welding equipment
  • Corrosion test cabinets (salt spray and climatic testing, accelerated ageing).
  • Potentiostats, galvanostats and electrochemical impedance spectrometres.
  • In-process corrosion simulator
  • Refractories workshop
  • Ovens and High temperature furnaces for thermal treatment under controlled atmosphere
  • Spray-dryers
  • Rotary furnace for corrosion testing of melts and slags
  • Hydraulic press (120 tons), Isostatic press (6000 bar)
  • 5 axis machining centre
  • Physical vapour deposition (PVD) magnetron-sputtering type.
  • Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD). Cluster system composed of 3 stand-alone chambers.
  • Thermal CVD.
  • Thermal evaporator.
  • Laser scribing system composed of 2 nanosecond pulsed lasers (Nd/YAG).
  • Encapsulation system
  • Pilot plant for production of conductor layers and Ag nanostructured coatings production by spray.
  • Spin and dip coating equipment
  • Spray and roll deposition equipment
  • Tubular ovens
  • Characterization equipment: Mechanical profilometer, Centrifuge, 4-point probe station, optical fibre spectrophotometer UV/VIS,/NIR
  • Solar simulator class B coupled with a 4 point probe station and a Keithley source.
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography & Gas-Mass Chromatography
  • Materials´ Development
  • Supporting the development of new materials, products and processes.
  • Testing of prototypes and real scale components
  • Advanced Characterization through several techniques, including mechanical, physical or chemical tests.
  • Product validation, prototypes and testing.
  • Supporting engineering/simulation activities using FEM.
  • Improvements in manufacturing processes.
  • Cost reduction actions through materials´ selection studies.
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