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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
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Heidelbergerstraße 20
01189 Dresden


At the Branch Lab Processing Technology of the Fraunhofer IVV in Dresden we develop efficient processing and cleaning processes. Using modern data analysis methods, we identify critical points and potentials in established processes and create innovative concepts for the industry 4.0.

Fraunhofer IVV Dresden

Fraunhofer IVV Dresden

Contact Person
Max Hesse

is SME contact

Industrial Cleaning Technologies technical center:

  • Three robotic test rigs of different sizes (ABB IRB120, IRB2600, IRB4600) for the development of innovative automation processes and operator-like reproducible cleaning tests
  • Several dedicated spray cleaning test rigs
  • Falling film test rig
  • Closed/pipe system CIP test rig
  • Large cleaning detergent supply tanks for the test rig (2000L & 3000L)
  • Industry level test tanks for tank cleaning tests in different sizes (10.000L & 1.000L)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning test rig
  • Cold-atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning test rig
  • Special cleaning technologies can be supplied to all test rigs: dry steam cleaning, CO2-cleaning, dry ice pellet cleaning
  • Laboratory for production of reproducible test soiling/contamination
  • Several optical contamination sensors to be supplied to all test rigs, based on the fluorescence method

For information on the Processing Technologies technical center please check the link.

  • Individual developments on innovative adaptive cleaning technologies and devices for Industry or Cleaning 4.0
  • Hygienic Design consulting
  • Cleaning tests for design accompanying optimization of machinery components and processing plants
  • Cleaning and flow simulation of closed systems as well as spray cleaning simulation for open-spray cleaning systems
  • Development of need-based contamination sensors for inline-monitoring of cleaning processes
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