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Fraunhofer Institute for Aplied Polymer Research

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Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
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geiselbergstr. 69
14476 Potsda-Golm


The Fraunhofer IAP in Potsdam-Golm, Germany, offers a broad range of research on polymers. We work on biobased and synthetic polymers that meet the growing demands of our partners. The end products are

becoming more durable and stable, more acid and heat resistant, easier to care for, healthier, more environmentally-friendly, more cost-effective ... as well as easier and more energy efficient to manufacture.

We develop innovative and sustainable materials, processes and products that are specifically tailored to the application’s requirements. We also create conditions which ensure that the developed methods not only work on a laboratory scale, but also under production conditions

Fraunhofer Institute for Aplied Polymer Research

Fraunhofer Institute for Aplied Polymer Research

Contact Person

is SME contact
  • pilot-plant for viscose, Blaschke
  • wet spinning line
  • Lyocell laboratory spinning plant
  • Fourné bicomponent spunbond plant (3 kg / 1 kg) for takeoff speeds up to max. 1800 m/min
  • stabilization and carbonization unit for carbon fiber development
  • equipment for Extrusion/compounding/recycling, injection molding, blow molding etc.
  • lab facilities for the characterization of thermo-mechanical properties
  • modern polymer synthesis labs
  • pilot-line for printed organic electronics
  • miniplant facility for PLA synthesis with lactic acid used as feedstock
  • membrane casting machine for flat sheet membranes with 40 cm width
  • stainless steel bioreactors: 3x 2 liter, 1x 10 liter, 1x 100 liter working volume with exhaust gas analytics and process analytics
  • modern multifunctional pilot plant for low- and high-viscosity polymer syntheses (−1 to 100 bar and 5 to 350 °C) with 15 main reactors (50 to 870 L)
  • vertical and horizontal prepreg-lines

synthesis of polymers and additives, formulation/blending, processing from melt and solution, scale-up activities up to pilot plant scale, prototyping development and testing, wide range of analytical services

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