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foritss is the bavarian reseach institute for software intensive systems. It has been conducting first-class research activities, with a highly-recognized level of expertise, into the development of software-intensive systems, an issue that plays a central role for Bavaria’s high-tech industry. These systems are increasingly based on closely-related technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Several aspects have special significance, including:

  • a pioneering role in the manageable development of reliable and safe software, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
  • a multifaceted, direct correlation to industry partners for the solutions-oriented implementation of the results of the research and development activities.
  • an attractive service offering for the transfer of knowledge related to current developments in software, AI and IoT.
  • internal, expertise-oriented structures that offer talented researchers the best development opportunities.

fortiss GmbH

fortiss GmbH

Contact Person
Philip Frankl
Coordinator Transfer Projects
is SME contact

fortiss is building up a series of living labs to explore and experience the newest technological developments through live demonstrators. 

As part of our research projects, the demonstrators in our fortiss lab visualise the prototypical implementation before the realization in practice. Here we offer you different possibilities to implement and evaluate first solution concepts and ideas.



fortiss is offering a variety of services, especially to local SMEs through our transfer department fortiss Mittelstand (SME). 
These services are divided into 6 service categories: 

- Information Events

- Qualification

- Individual Advancement

- Prototypes

- Research Networks

- Contract Research

Service for Industry and SMEs