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At Flamac we have developed unique high-throughput platforms to accelerate materials R&D. These include accelerated synthesis, formulation, application and characterisation techniques. Flamac offers its service in either collaborative, multi-disciplinary research between industry, universities and research centres or contract research.

We combine our competences in high-throughput experimentation with a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, across a variety of application areas and industries.

This enables both large corporations and small & medium sized companies to stimulate new product and process development and to shorten their time-to-market for new materials.

Flamac, a Division of SIM

Flamac, a Division of SIM

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Flamac has different platforms at its disposal to fulfill its mission and to provide our partners with the most state-of-the-art capabilities to perform high-throughput research. Please click on the side-menu for more information on the different platforms.

– High-throughput synthesis
– High-throughput formulation
– High-throughput application
– High-throughput thin film deposition
– High-throughput screening




Combinatorial experimentation is an experimental strategy that solves this dilemma through automation, miniaturisation and, more important, parallelisation of experiments. Using this strategy hundreds of experiments can be performed simultaneously or in very rapid succession, speeding up dramatically the time to discovery and product development. Today’s robotic handling in combination with rapid screening (measuring, analysing) methods, miniaturisation of testing, and application of data mining and statistical and visualisation tools, allow for rapid harvesting of useful data and a better understanding of the parameters relating to the synthesis of new materials and formulations, their properties and effects.


Specific equipment and software has been installed in order to enable experimental workflows in the areas of viscous formulations, high speed curable coatings and many more. Those workflows are the backbone for the platform on which Flamac will further build its expertise. End of 2007, Flamac has made this expertise available for projects with interested partners, both industrial and academic. Another focus point for Flamac is the use and development of predictive modeling techniques to predict structural and functional properties of materials, based on fundamental, physical and chemical principles. Basic aim here is to enable upfront elimination of experimental domains where little or no success is to be expected, so as to direct combinatorial experimentation towards the potentially most rewarding areas.

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