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Crystal innov is a European Open Innovation center in crystal growth and advanced materials (micro) manufacturing.

The center mission is pooling tools, sharing high tech facilities and providing expertise for your innovation in single crystal and bulk advanced materials.

From R&D project with academic labs to prototyping innovative crystal-based (bio)sensors, Crystal innov offers a wide range of services, such as :

  • hosting projects in technology halls,
  • pilote line installation
  • new crystal development
  • micro-manufacturing process scale-up
  • innovative crystal-based device prototyping

Furthermore Crystal innov team has specific expertise and skills in piezoelectric crystals and wafer manufacturing for main applications (resonators for Time Frequency, SAW filters, sensors, IMU, actuators, lead-free materials...). The center is able to be your partner for innovation, from crystal growth modeling to piezoelectric parts fabrication, up to small volume production (ISO 9001 compliant).

Crystal innov offers valuable services as well for :

  • (micro)manufacturing (cutting hard / brite materials)
  • single crystal characterisation (geometry, dimension, orientation, X-ray, chemical...)


EZUS LYON -Cristal innov

EZUS LYON -Cristal innov

Contact Person
Patricia Jeandel
+33 619 234 056
is SME contact

I_ Growth facilities

  • Growth from melt (high temperature) 
  • Czochralski furnaces
  • Micro pulling down
  • Bridgman
  • High pressure growth
  • Autoclave for hydrothermal synthesis
  • Solution growth
  • Low temperature

II_ (Micro) manufacturing and prototyping

  • Cutting technologies (high temperature)
  • Diamond wire saw (single and multi wires)
  • ID Saw (Meyer Burger)
  • Ultrasonic vibration machining
  • Grinding and lapping equipment
  • Polishing equipment
  • Prototyping
  • 3D printing equipment

III_ Softwares

  • Modelling
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • CAD
  • Solidworks

IV_ Characterization

  • Geometry / surface
  • Flatness (bow, warp)
  • Parallelism
  • 2D dimension
  • Roughness
  • Chemical
  • ICP-MS
  • X-Ray, IR
  • X-ray topography
  • X-ray goniometer
  • IR spectroscopy

V_Halls for pilote lines

  • cleanrooms
  • private surfaces with industrial facilities

Crystal innov offers valuable services for :

  • (micro)manufacturing (cutting hard / brite materials)
  • single crystal characterisation (geometry, dimension, orientation, X-ray, chemical...)
  • innovative crystal-based device prototyping
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