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DITF Denkendorf (German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research)

Research Center

Koerschtalstr. 26
73770 Denkendorf


The DITF Denkendorf are the largest textile research center in Europe. Three research areas, Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers, Textile and Process Engineering and Management Research, cover the entire textile value chain from molecule to product.

DITF was founded in 1921 as a foundation of public law, and performs interdisciplinary, public research (regional, national and EU) and industrial projects and services for all organizations involved in fibers and textiles in many sectors (e.g. mobility, construction and architecture, health care and medicine, fashion and functional clothing, interior and outdoor objects, and energy, environment and resource efficiency).

DITF conduct research on new high-performance fibers and materials, on new and adaptive processes in fiber and yarn production, and in textile finishing and textile functionalization. In all research areas, modern and cutting edge technologies are used; in addition, the potential of digital information and communications technologies are used for textile industry, Textile 4.0.

The research center employs about 300 scientists, technicians and laboratory assistants. On 25,000 m² research and production area the DITF perform interdisciplinary research and development projects involving chemistry, material sciences, process technology, material technology, mechanical engineering and plant design and management, all in lab scale and pre-industrial dimension. A wide range of textile testing services, prototype construction and a pilot factory complete the offer.

The DITF are member of networks like ETP Textiles, Textranet, Carbon Composites, Medical Mountains, CompetenceNetworkBioMimetic, InnBW, Techtera or AFBW.

DITF Denkendorf (German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research)

DITF Denkendorf (German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research)

Contact Person

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DITF facilities comprise newest equipment and machinery in laboratories and pilot plants for research, development, upscaling as well as for testing and simulation of new fibers and textiles and related processes and new machinery for

  • Polymer synthesis
  • High Performance Fibee Centre (carbon fibres, ceramic fibers)
  • Extrusion
  • Spinning line and winding
  • Weaving (3D, multiaxial) and knitting (fully fashioned, circular)
  • Nonwovens
  • Surface functionalization, finishing and digital printing
  • Cutting and making up
  • Stitching
  • Composite, tape laying
  • Braiding, pultrusion
  • Recycling
  • Digital Textile Micro Factory
  • Simulation and Testing

DITF offer their labs, pilot plants and expertise for research, development, industrialization and partly for small series production towards industry, in particular to SMEs. Services cover for example development and configuration of new fibers, new yarns and filaments, new fabrics and nonwovens. Consultancy services are also offered, related to production process reorganization, business process optimization, digitization and simulation.

The testing laboratories offer a wide range of test of fibers and textiles, including tests related to biological, chemical and environmental characteristics.

DITF is organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training events, is publishing the research results and informing with newsletter. DITF are auditing companies, and participate in standardization activities.

Other activities
High performance fibres (ceramic, carbon); bio-based & regenerated fibres; medical textiles & textile implants; composites; smart textiles/wearables
Service for Industry and SMEs