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Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

Upper organisation
University of Paderborn
Research Center

Mersinweg 3
33098 Paderborn



We strive to be one of the leading institutes in Additive Manufacturing. To achieve this, we drive cutting edge technology and innovation in Additive Manufacturing. Therefore, we want to collaborate along the entire value chain, combining our know-how in design, technology, supply chain, costs etc. to enable and provide new solutions along the whole value chain. We combine basic and applied research to produce novel insights and to open doors for new possibilities enriching our partners’ business. We are strongly committed to academic and industrial education with the goal to train the engineers of the future.

Stakeholder Value Proposition

We are part of an interdisciplinary network - realizing collaboration of academic research with around 25 companies all along the whole value chain. Various stakeholders expect us to create value according their respective needs and requirements; we want to harmonize the value creation in our strategic acting.

With regard to the technology itself, we create a knowledge base for manufacturing. Thereby, we serve the Additive Manufacturing community in general. For our partners, we transform our research output into tangible, industry-relevant outcomes. We generate impulses for interdisciplinary innovation and thus add value to the partners’ business in a close and trustful partnership. Furthermore, we provide well-trained graduates for the industry.

Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

Contact Person
Christian Lindemann
Managing Director DMRC
+49 5251 605415
Hans-Joachim Schmid
Scientific Director DMRC

Selective Laser Sintering (Polymer Powder Bed Fusion)

EOS P395, EOS P396, EOS P395 experimental machine with small build volume and high temperature option

Selective Laser Melting (Metal Powder Bed Fusion)

SLM 250HL, SLM 280HL, SLM 280 1.0, SLM 280 2.0

Fused Deposition Modeling (Polymer Fused Filament Fabrication)

Stratasys Fortus 400mc, Evozier, Gewo System. Aarburg freeformer

Multiple Characterization Techniques

e.g. 3D Macroscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, 3D scanning units, coordinate measuring machine, universal and dynamic testing machines, DSC, rheometer, particle size analysis, powder flow measurement etc.


Being part of a network often provides benefits and possibilities that cannot be obtained individually. Therefore – besides fundamental and applied research – the DMRC provides an excellent network of stakeholders along the complete value chain of additive manufacturing. This network allows our industry partners to benefit from both the commonly researched knowledge and the collaboration within the DMRC stakeholder network. Performing pre-competitive research, being preferred partner in publicly funded projects or exchanging knowledge about cutting-edge research findings are just a few points our partners benefit from.

We also provide consulting about Additive Manufacturing and Training of staff.

Service for Industry and SMEs