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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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Gregersensvej 1
2630 Taastrup


DTI develops, applies and transfers high tech production technology to industry. Our focus is to apply new research, knowledge and technology to create production technology solutions that make a difference.

At DTI, we have the expertise and the equipment necessary for you to overcome the difficult gap from development and upscaling to production. We have many years of experience with product development, and we are continuously establishing new facilities for pilot production in order to help small and large companies with the initial large step towards high tech production. We have an extensive and poly-technological portfolio which gives you the opportunity to create even more innovative solutions and you will be able to achieve a significantly shorter time to market. At DTI, we have taken the initiative to establish a new cross-disciplinary and flexible focus area within high tech pilot production. This initiative will help ensure that the business sector can succeed in creating growth, new jobs, and keep production in Europe.

The Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute

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DTI holds several laboratories with high tech pilot production facilities within

Materials: polymer processing, surface technomogy and additive manufacturing

Energy: chemical processes, catalysts and biomass production

Food and packaging: spray drying, destilation, dry processes and pulp based packaging

Medical: supercritical CO2

Building and construction: concrete, microwave heating, fibre pulp




Our services include:

- Product development

- Proof of concept

- Pilot production

- Documentation

Service for Industry and SMEs