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Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

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Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology
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At DBI, we are specialized in fire and security and work targeted to protect lives and properties. We offer a wide range of services within fire prevention, fire technology and security and aim to help our customers achieving the best safety solutions. We also have an extensive department of education, where we offer a wide range of courses and training in fire safety and security.
We offer holistic solutions based on our highly specialized professional knowledge and long experience. We constantly develop new knowledge to achieve the best safety solutions.

We are active in research and development and in establishing new testing and development facilities, so that, together with our customers, we can meet the challenges of fire safety and fire protection. New international knowledge and technology is constantly being developed. We involve Danish enterprises in international research projects. And we work together with Danish and international universities to maintain our skills and facilities at an international level. Research and development costs money and is associated with many risks. That is why, in cooperation with our customers, we apply to Danish and international sponsors for economic support to finance new and innovative ideas and technologies.


Projects in the are of fire protection of buildings cover how materials can be used for fire protection and how buildings can be protected from fire. Here too you will find major construction projects, facade testing, InnoBYG projects for high-rise wooden buildings and other projects involving fire and the protection of building materials.

Risk Management and Business Resilience

Risk management includes projects for managing new types of risk, e.g. cybercrime or risks combining physical safety and cybersecurity. The projects centre on social engineering and awareness training, as well as discovering new knowledge, and teaching what we already know. In addition, this section covers projects relating to resilience and projects which attempt to be proactive and to detect and react to possible threats.


Detection includes projects for better and earlier fire detection. This could, for example, be projects within the use of laser, light and video for detection purposes. Similarly, we also work to create networks of suppliers and customers, who in partnership can develop new and better fire detection solutions.


Project in this area include how to use lightweight materials for ship construction and li-iom batteries for ship propulsion. 

Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

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Giorgio Marinelli
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DBI has a modern fire testing laboratory, carrying out almost all types of fire tests, e.g. on components up to 4.48 m high, together with a loading system for fire-testing load-bearing partitions without a steel or aluminium core.

DBI is accredited by DANAK for testing in accordance with the applicable standards.

The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for mounting test pieces, and our staff will be pleased to help with construction and mounting. Changing facilities, including showers, are also available. We also have a large office opposite the test furnaces where meetings can be held.


DBI’s testing laboratory has modern facilities and all the equipment required for fire testing in accordance with the standards in the IMO2010FTP CODE. DBI's testing reports are recognized by a number of authorities and classification companies around the world, including the US Coast Guard and the Russian maritime authorities.


DBI is accredited by international standardization bodies for a large number of standard tests. The fire classification of materials, components or constructions depends of the product involved and how and where it is to be used. DBI can help you determine the fire classification or the relevant performance requirements for a given product.

Gas appliances

DBI is accredited for testing all gas appliances for homes and leisure activities which require CE approval under the Gas Appliance Directive (GAD).


DBI can provide fire tests of components and materials for construction, maintenance and repair of trains. We test according to EN45545.

  • Fire testing of material and components
  • Product development consultancy
  • Certification
  • Fire safety design consultancy
  • Inspection of fire safety equipment
  • Fire investigation
  • Cyber and physical security consultancy
  • Courses and training
Other activities
Business resilience
Fire Safety Engineering
Fire investigation
Service for Industry and SMEs