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Cybernetica has over 25 years of experience in building future-proof technologies that rely on research and development. Our unique expertise ranges from secure data exchange like the X-road to digital identity, i-voting, information security, Privacy by Design and more. Currently our technologies are used in 35 countries all over the world.

We grew out of a research institute. Science and research are the foundations onto which our business is built and our core values are ingrained. We are known as a strategic partner to the Estonian government, making Estonia known as the most advanced digital society in the world. We draw on this uniquely vast knowledge to help governments and businesses around the world - from the Caribbean to the Ukraine, Greenland, USA, Japan and more - model their security and digitalisation processes in ways that best suit them.

Cybernetica offers research, development and consulting services to governments and industry. We offer the services in contractual arrangements, under procurements and also in collaborative R&D.

Cybernetica is a member of

  • European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)

  • MPC Alliance

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27

  • Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation

  • Estonian Information Security Association

  • Estonian Defence Industry Association

  • British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Cybernetica AS

Cybernetica AS

Contact Person
Dan Bogdanov
Chief Scientific Officer / Information Security Research Institute
is SME contact

Cybernetica has a server cluster for experimenting with secure computing technologies like

  • secure multi-party computation
  • trusted execution environments.

Cybernetica offers the following services (more details provided on out website at

1) fundamental analyses of security and cryptographic systems

2) analyses of properties of systems with formal methods

3) leakage and accuracy analysis of business processes using Privacy Enhanced BPMN

4) legal (e.g., GDPR, eIDAS) analyses of digital systems and business processes

5) security and privacy audits of systems (supporting certification processes)

6) penetration testing of systems (white-box, black-box)

7) design and implementation of security systems and cryptographic systems

8) designing, developing and testing systems with Privacy Enhancing Technologies

9) designing, developing and testing systems with identity technologies

10) standardisation of systems

11) integration of hardware systems for surveillance and radio communications

Other activities
Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Identity technologies, Synthetic Data Generation, Bioinformatics,
Service for Industry and SMEs