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CTMNC - Centre technique de matériaux naturels de construction

Private research centre

17 rue Letellier
75015 Paris


The Technical Center for Natural Building Materials (CTMNC) has developed a reputation in Europe for promoting innovative techniques and for improving the quality of building materials for sixty years.

CTMNC has expertise in the characterisation, manufacturing and use of fired clay, unfired clay and natural stone as building materials and in their combination with other building materials.

CTMNC has 60 highly-skilled engineers and technicians spread over 3 geographical sites (Clamart, Limoges and Paris) that can rely on high-performance equipment :

  • a laboratory for testing materials, products and works
  • a laboratory dedicated to research and development on ceramic behaviour (characterisation, processes and surface covering)

Our vocation is to meet the needs of many players in the fields of materials, construction processes, building and roads. We also support professionals wishing to develop technological innovations.

Our interlocutors are industrialists, project managers, project owners, manufacturers or representatives of local authorities.

CTMNC belongs to several french and european networks :

CTMNC - Centre technique de matériaux naturels de construction

CTMNC - Centre technique de matériaux naturels de construction

Contact Person
Nicolas Deleurme

Olivier Dupont
Deputy General Manager
is SME contact

CTMNC has a large panel of equipment :

  • Chemical Analysis: Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometer, Ionic Chromatograph, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer,  Fourier Transform Infrared  (FT-IR) Spectrophotometer, XR-Diffractometer ;
  • Physical Characterisation : Particle Size Distribution (by Sieve and Sedigraph), Mercury Porosimeter, Optical Microscope,  Bigot Curve Measurement ;
  • Thermal Analysis : Themogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Dilatometer, Calorimeter ;
  • Clay Studies: Laboratory Installations for Grinding, Extruding, Drying, Firing; High Pressure Extrusion Machine, Drying Test Rigs, Controlled Industrial Driers and Ovens ;
  • Tests on Products: Freeze/Thaw Units, Tile Flexural Strength Test Machine,  Brick Compressive Strength Test Machine, Impermeability and Absorption Measurement Facilities, Chimney Thermal Testing Rig, High Temperature Mechanical Testing Press ;
  • Tests on Works: Walls Compressive Test Machine (2000 to 6000 kN), 4 m3 Climatic Chamber, Roof Watertightness Test Bed (Wind Tunnel), Ageing Test Beds (Moss, Salt, Frost), Slipperiness Test Machine, Abrasion Test Machine.

Research and development to improve the building materials and their manufacturing processes : optimisation of the clay bricks through simulation (thermal, acoustic, mechanical) ; development of unfired clay bricks ; development of functionalised covering ; improve the manufacturing processes and the quality of the building materials.

Technical expertise on products and buildings : raw materials characterisation, Masonry and roofing testing, Product testing (COFRAC NF EN 17025), support and recommendation on building material pathologies, evolution of building systems

Support for product and environmental quality certification procedures :  Audit of the NF label, Product certification (COFRAC NF EN 45011), Life cycle assessment, Environmental and Health declaration sheets, support on the waste management

Support to access the market : certification, guideline, BIM

Evaluation of the performance of building materials and building systems. Mechanical behaviour, Fire Safety ; Environment ; Watertightness of roof structure ; Acoustic ; Thermal and Hygrothermal ; Durability, Ageing.

Research and Development, Technology Transfer on raw materials, manufacturing processes, building materials and building systems

Advice and mounting of projects


Technology, normative and regulatory watch. Dissemination of technical, normative and regulatory informations

Other activities
Building Materials (Fired Clay, Unfired Clay, Natural Stone)
Building Systems
Service for Industry and SMEs