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CTIC is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) located in Spain and specialized in cutting-edge technologies in the field of ICT. Its main objective is to promote and to foster the carrying out of activities related to the development of ICT in all spheres of economic and social life that may contribute to the development and improvement of society.

In addition to this initial objective, other strategic goals are:

• to improve business competitiveness through research, development and technological innovation;

• to disseminate Science and Technology among citizens, companies and institutions;

• to support the implementation of Information Society, Social Innovation and Development Cooperation policies in Territories:

• to build an inclusive knowledge society for both citizens and businesses;

• to provide high value-added technological services to society, businesses and public entities.

CTIC is labeled as Technology Center by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness. As Technology Center, CTIC encourages the participation of the business sector in R&D and innovation projects and contributes to the technology transfer between R&D actors, large regional, national and international companies and the small and medium-sized companies. Moreover, CTIC creates a talent pool of highly qualified research personnel enabling us to increase the degree of competitiveness and added value offered by the regional ICT sector.

CTIC has currently a staff  of 65 experts, including engineers and doctors, with a relevant track in R&D collaborative projects with companies, most of them SMEs, at both international and national level. Some of these projects were performed under the frame of EU Programmes such as 6th and 7th Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FP6, FP7), the Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL), the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and Interreg. Nowadays, CTIC is involved in two H2020 on-going projects, INSENSION (ICT-23-2017) and HEART (EEB-05-2017)

According to its Strategic Roadmap, CTIC is focused in 4 technology areas (Internet/Web of Things, Intelligent Data Analysis, W3C Standardization and Open Data, Vision Technologies) and 3 societal challenges (Digital Growth, Smart Territories and ICT for Active Ageing and Wellbeing)



CTIC’s experts work on building interactive social and industrial applications through the interconnection of devices by creating smart environments able to react in an autonomous way for quick decision-making (the best reaction in the shortest time possible). Web of Things is the specialization in web services for the deployment of IoT solutions in different applications as Industry, Health or Agriculture.

CTIC’s IoT developments are base in both Third-Party technologies (e.g. Microsoft Azure) as well as own technologies as SCALARE (SCALable Architecture for Real-timE data processing). This architecture is prepared to manage large amount of data (Big Data) in a variety of environments, including agriculture. In addition, CTIC has experience in data analysis in Big Data contexts as well as in the communication and self-discovery of a variety of different sensors.


CTIC supports Companies and Organizations to get the best performance from their data, by combining artificial intelligence and language technologies to process information. CTIC focus their expertise on the advanced processing of data by designing specific algorithms for prediction and optimization.


Opening of data in the public and private sectors, following W3C Global Consortium and applying W3C Standards that promote interoperability.

CTIC hosts the W3C Office in Spain, works spreading the adoption of best practices and standards and is a key player in the European Open Data field, having taken part in dozens of Research and Development projects as well as implemented various Open Data initiatives at different governmental level, advising in policy making.


Computer Vision: developments under the so-called artificial intelligence, aimed at the provision of image recognition capabilities to devices with computing power. CTIC provides solutions to social and industrial problems, through image recognition, drawing information and using intelligence systems for decision-making such as autonomous vehicles.

Augmented Reality: this technology allows overlapping virtual content to real environments, showing a mixed perception of reality. CTIC’s developments are based in an own AR platform called VISOR.

Virtual Reality: creation of non-real 3D environments, automatically generated, that can be explored and interacted by people. CTIC’s developments are based in an own VR platform called CTIC-VR which allow us high speed and high quality conversion from CAD3D files to VR environments.



Projects and initiatives to improve businesses competitiveness by means of the innovation and the implementation of technologies to their business processes. CTIC works in this field since the year 2004 with an own methodology that initially was an ICT maturity model for SMEs (validated with more than 10.000 Companies and entrepreneurs) evolved nowadays to a digital transformation model with specific adaptations to Industry 4.0


Projects and initiatives for the development of innovative territories at economic, social and governance levels. Digital development strategies, Social innovation actions, Modernization of the Public Sector are some examples of initiatives performed.


Development of solutions enabling to extend and maintain active and healthy life of people, responding to the challenge of an aging population.


CTIC is Member of the following Innovation Networks:

  • PLANETIC (Board Member): Spanish Technology Platform for the adoption and promotion of ICT Technologies.
  • Cluster METAINDUSTRY4 (Board Member): Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of the Metal Industry in Asturias
  • ITEMAS: The Medical Technology Innovation Platform
  • EIPonAHA (Working Groups Leader): European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging
  • Asturias Reference Site (co-Founder): EIPonAHA Reference Site for the Region of Asturias-Spain

CTIC Centro Tecnologico

CTIC Centro Tecnologico

Contact Person
Pablo COCA

is SME contact

CTIC has a laboratory of 150 m2 equipped with 3 technology test-beds for validating prototypes and solutions developed in projects. This technology demonstrators are the following:

  • C-INDUSTRI4: ICT Lab for a Smart and Connected Industry oriented to 4.0

  • V-INDUSTRI4: Visión technologies focused to Industry 4.0 solutions

  • B.ACTIVE: ICT Demo Site for a better, active and Healthy living of aging people

The technology demonstrators are equipped with cutting-edge vision computer devices as well as workstations, servers  and IoT hardware. Also a cluster of computers are dedicated to validate blockchain developments and dapps. We have 4 computers with powerful GPUs capable of performing blockchain mining, one server for running software development tools.


Basically, CTIC provides the following services in its fields of specialization:

  • Development of innovative ICT-based solutions

  • Technology Consultancy

  • Technology transfer and capacitation

There are two ways for providing these services:

Service for Industry and SMEs