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Founded in 1995 as a Consortium formed by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), the Computer Vision Center is a non-profit institution located in the UAB’s Bellaterra Campus in Barcelona, Spain. With an outstanding team of more than 130 researchers and technicians, 2000 m2 devoted to R&D and the most advanced resources in hardware and software, the CVC now holds an international reputation for innovative research, technology transfer, and the development of spin-offs in the field of Computer Vision. Its mission is to develop prestigious research with international impact, to transfer knowledge to companies and society, and to train scientists and high-level professionals relevant in Europe.

The CVC performs exciting and pioneering research in Computer Vision, in particular in the following key areas: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Medical Imaging, Object Recognition, Document Analysis, Image Sequence Evaluation,  Colour in Context (Texture), Machine Vision, Interactive and Augmented Modelling, Human Pose Recovery and Behaviour Analysis, Learning and Machine Perception and NeuroComputation and Biological Vision.

The CVC is committed to transferring its knowledge and expertise, and to work with industrial partners for collaborative R&D. We develop interactions and collaborations by offering commercial services and Computer Vision solutions to the industry through feasibility studies, project development and monitoring, systems certification and technical consultancy.

The CVC also carries out Ph.D. research and thesis tutoring for Ph.D. students, supports the master’s degree Program in Computer Vision (UAB, UPC, UPF) and have a year-round schedule of seminars and other introductory and advanced courses in Computer Vision topics.



Contact Person
Meritxell Bassolas
Knowledge and Technology Transfer
is SME contact
Xavier Llopis
Research Projects Officer

The Computer Vision Centre has top-of-the-line computational infrastructure, necessary for the machine learning tasks of the projects. The CVC provides access to GPU clusters as well as GPUs for individual use by the researchers, for a total of  ~2,500 teraflops of deep learning horsepower. In addition, the computation resources include CPU clusters, networked and local (high-speed SSD) storage, and high-speed connectivity.

The Computer Vision Center is the host organisation of the Library Living Lab, 4-helix innovation ecosystem which links all the 250 Public Libraries in the Barcelona Provincial Network. The Library Living Lab is a unique infrastructure for citizen engagement and is the base for the Citizen Science actions associated to the Computer Vision Centre. The Library Living Lab is Member of the European Network of Living Labs, connecting more than 130 labs from 39 countries from Europe and the world. This endows the Library Living Lab with an effective power for scalability of innovation solutions from local place-based to global through its different networks.


CVC provides several research and innovation services through strategic collaborations with small and key large international companies with the aim of doing state-of-the art research in computer vision, mainly in the fields of autonomous driving, medical imaging, media and future industry 4.0.

These collaborations are mainly based on:

  • Collaborative public and private research agreements with key industry partners.
  • Industrial doctoral degree.
  • Proof of concept with SME companies to boost digitisation of industrial processes to reinforce the competitiveness of local industrial network.
Service for Industry and SMEs