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COMEX S.A. (or Compagnie Maritime d'Expertises) is specialized in engineering solutions for extreme environments and deep diving operations. The company was created in 1962 by H.G. DELAUZE and became quickly a pioneer in deep-diving operations.

The Marseilles based company is specialized in the development of equipment and procedures for human interventions in extreme environments. COMEX still holds today the deepest diving record for simulated diving in pressure chambers (to -701m, HYDRA 10; 1992) and in open sea (to -534m; HYDRA 8, 1988).

COMEX offers technology development and test services in following areas:
- hyperbaric and hypobaric (altitude) developments and test. 
- test pools for subsea robotics, neutral buoyancy tests (space) and maritime technology (e.g. maritime renewable energies)
- vacuum tests for aeronautics, space and stratosphere/high altitude
- “dirty” vacuum chamber of 5m diameter
- space suit and space habitat engineering, simulation and testing (space suit simulators)
- stratospheric missions (by balloon) in cooperation with our partners
- engineering of pressurized structures, habitats (subsea, space)
- human space flight engineering and ergonomics



Contact Person
Peter Weiss
Director Space Department
is SME contact

COMEX can provide following test facilities:
- Hyberbaric Experimental Centre for pressure and altitude tests (e.g. aerospace and maritime equipment). Pressure chambers in various sizes, pressures and for different fluids/gases
- HYDROSPHERE Lunar Surface Simulator (“dirty” vacuum chamber) with adjoint space habitat simulator. 5m diameter vacuum chamber with a regolith simulant testbed inside. The habitat can be used as a pressurized lunar rover simulator.
- GANDOLFI space suit simulator (exoskeleton) for EVA simulations in the space sector (human spaceflight) for tests in pool, sea or analogue sites.
- TEST POOLS for shallow water tests (10m), splash tests and subsea robotics tests. COMEX can provide a dive team for tests.
- DEXROV ROV PANEL SIMULATOR is a mock-up for test and validation of subsea robotics systems. The system includes standard ROV Panel elements and can be positioned by a vessel in the deepsea.


COMEX can provide
- pressure testing and engineering of equipment for the aeronautic, space and maritime sector.
- engineering of pressurized systems (over 200 units built worldwide), habitats and protection suits (space, aeronautics, stratosphere and diving)
- engineering and development of robotic and human spaceflight systems
- underwater robotics and marine renewable energies engineering and development
- maritime observation with stratospheric platforms (HAPS)

Our company can provide engineering on above mentioned fields from low TRL to test and vaildation activity of developments (towards high TRL). Our test facilities can be used by R&D entities, industry and SME to validate equipment in operational environment.


Other activities
- Human spaceflight
- Maritime technology
- high-altitude platforms
- Hyperbaric testing
Service for Industry and SMEs