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CMYK Ingredients
Private research centre

3, Professor Ivan Georgov
1220 Sofia


CMYK Ingredients is a food-tech development center with diverse expertise in product architecture that includes development of new eco-technologies, new product development, food engineering, specific production process engineering (for the new technologies) and re-engineering with focus on bio-factors and bio-technologies. Our major technological focal point is ingredient fermentation, in particular native fermentation of wild and cultivated plant species. The resulting ingredients are used pure or desegregated into compounds as ingredients in food or bio-cosmetic industries as well as in pharmaceuticals.  Our developments have already become the base for final products in retails and HoReCa channels and our team has the experienced staff and close partnerships with other research entities in the EU and beyond.

Our proprietary fermentation research laboratory for development and improvement of fermentation related production processes has diverse equipment for cultivation of microbial cultures, incubators and laboratory fermentation reactors equipped for extensive process control and monitoring, and a pilot plant with large chambers (50, 200 and 400 L) for scale-up studies and small productions and other necessary equipment for innovative techniques in fermentation and extraction of compounds for food, cosmetic  and pharmaceutical industries.

CMYK Ingredients

CMYK Ingredients

Contact Person
Iryna Gavrylova
is SME contact
  1. Laboratory fermentation reactor 1-3 L – 2 units
  2. Fermentation reactor 50 L – 1 units
  3. Fermentation chamber for up to 200 L – 2 unit
  4. Fermentation chamber for up to 400 L – 1 unit
  5. Mechanical extraction machinery UAX-tech 1 -  4 units
  6. Mechanical extraction hydraulic complex UAX-tech 2 – 1 unit
  7. Vacuum extractor – 1 unit
  8. Refrigerators and freezing cameras for storage and fermentation stage – 30 sq.m.
  9. Compound segregator  – 1 unit
  10. Filtering complex – 1 unit
  11. Material growing platform – 1 unit of 12 sq.m.
  12. Infra-red drying complex – 1 unit
  13. Laboratory microscope – 2 units
  14. Miscellaneous laboratory devices and accessories - multiple
  15. Access to other professional laboratories for HPLC, GC, chromatography, biochemistry analyzer, etc.

We've managed to make a true viable fusion of culinary art, food science and product prototyping for testing the commercial hypotheses before major investment into marketing or production. With CMYK Ingredients food R&D is affordable and accessible not only to large food or retail corporations, but also to SMEs and startups!

We do development of fermented products in the following dimensions:

1. Natural sciences:

- product safety

- design of product characteristics

2. Industrial prototyping

- Engineering of processes

- Production line set-up for the new technologies and products

3. Culinary engineering

- Sensory modeling

- Sensory prototyping

- Nutrition profile design

Our mission is to make more and more live, healthy and delicious products available on grocery shelves, in supermarkets and online. We develop food-tech solutions and new foods - organic, functional, nutraceutical and microbiome supportive - for different age consumers in different geographic regions.

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