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Advanced Technologies for Industry
Private research centre

16 Rue Atlantis
87068 Limoges


CITRA is a Technological Resources Centre with 20 years of experience in industrial support, technology transfer, consulting and innovation in the field of advanced surface treatment.

Thanks to a multi-process machine park (wet & dry processes and associated characterisation tools), and a team consisting of doctors, engineers and technical experts, CITRA provides tailor-made services to meet and find the best solution of industrial needs.



Contact Person
Fanny Gouraud

is SME contact

CITRA's expertise concerns surface treatments and coatings by wet processes, thermal spraying and vacuum deposition and also characterization of produced coatings.

-Thermal Spraying: thanks to its robotic booths, CITRA offers multiprocesses possibilities : Flame, Wire Arc, HVOF, APS and Cold Spray. These thermal spray techniques can be tailored for the
development of new products or coatings.

- Vacuum Deposition: CITRA is equipped with a magnetron type PVD/PECVD able to work up to 300 °C. Coating can be carried out on metallic, ceramics or polymer substrate, owning to the flexibility to adapt the tooling and the machine to the client’s needs.

- Wet Process: CITRA offers coating solutions via electroplating and electroless process. Thanks to the flexibility of the CITRA pilot’s plant containing 30 tanks of 80 L, any development
request can be considered ; from the application of new commercial formulations to the development of specific preparation steps.

- Characterization: Among its activities, CITRA offers laboratory services for the characterizations, analyses and expertise on coatings and bulk materials. It relies on strong partnerships with its nearby
ecosystem (IRCER laboratory, ENSIL-ENSCI) in order to complete its characterizations offer thanks to the pooling of specific equipments.



CITRA offers dedicated industrial facilities for coating developments and their characterizaton. In addition of its R&D studies, it offers custom-made training and technical assistance.

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