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Chilab Materials and Microsystem Laboratory

Upper organisation
Politecnico di Torino
Academic Institution

Via lungo piazza d'armi n.6
10034 Chivasso TO


Chilab is the main micro and nano technology laboratory of the Materials and Processes for Micro & Nano technologies, group (DISAT department Politecnico di Torino). The services are addressed to the following topics: Micro and nano Technologies, Technologies for bio, Energy & Environment,Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. The related competences and facilities are widespread over different fields including: 

Partners and Companies, which were included in the network of the Chi-Lab are:

  • Microla - Optoelectronics: a Spin-off of the Polytechnic of Turin proposing solid-state laser is now an established company working in synergy within the lab network
  • IMEM - Istituto dei Materiali per l' Elettronica ed il Magnetismo del C.N.R.: this CNR institute represents a partner of the lab sharing personnels and projects.
  • Trustech s.r.l.: it is the first italian private technology transfer organization specialized on Micro and Nanotechnology. 
  • IIT-CSFT, Center for Sustainable Future Technologies: The Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies (CSFT) located within the Environment Park in Turin has embraced sustainability in its mission statement 

Collaborations, projects and industrial services has been established with different companies, institute and universities, which include:

Chilab Materials and Microsystem Laboratory

Chilab Materials and Microsystem Laboratory

Contact Person
Matteo Cocuzza
Researcher / DISAT
is SME contact
Simone Luigi MARASSO
Researcher / DISAT
is SME contact

The Chi-Lab is currently able to supply services of training, prototyping, development and testing in: MEMS, microsystems, microfluidics, 3D printed polymer objects, thin films growth, microanalysis, spectroscopies. For more information please visit:

Also device small production is possible using our network partners.  

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