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Continuous Flow Chemistry enables researchers to both evaluate and produce synthetic intermediates and products that would otherwise be inaccessible using conventional batch techniques. The scale that reactions are performed on is key to harnessing the advantages of this technology which stem from the rapid mixing and efficient thermal transfer at the µm to mm scale.

Working closely together with the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry Chemtrix BV has developed a complete, easy to scale product portfolio for continuous processing from lab to industrial production scale. Our laboratory systems (Labtrix® and KiloFlow®) are based on glass reactors, selected due to chemical compatibility, familiarity to the synthetic chemist and optical transparency. Our system for industrial scale continuous manufacturing, Plantrix®, is based on 3M™ Silicon Carbide reactors selected for their superior chemical flexibility and high corrosion resistance. 


Chemtrix BV

Chemtrix BV

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We combine expertise in the field of (chemical) engineering and chemistry to help our customers to benefit from Flow Chemistry. Our expertise enables us to offer scalable and flexible Flow Chemistry solutions. We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe and reliable scale-up from lab to production.

Chemtrix offers a total Scalable Flow Chemistry concept. The Chemtrix portfolio covers the total process from R&D to full scale production, using glass, metal and ceramic reactors.


Ensuring the safe way from lab to production

We offer our expertise to ensure our Customers a safe and reliable way of accessing the benefits of Flow Chemistry within their Company. By offering a variety of Flow Chemistry Services, we can assist at all stages from lab to production. Chemtrix BV can assist with the development of new flow chemical routes, or even help to develop your chemical ideas into a feasible synthetic process. With our high level of expertise and experience, we can help when a Customer needs Flow Chemistry knowledge, equipment or man capacity. We offer a systematic, tailor made approach, which specifically addresses the needs of your Organization. The data provided can then be used to develop a successful business case.

Service for Industry and SMEs