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To enhance the understanding of materials properties and behavior is the primary aim of Chem4Tech. In particular, the activities are focused to develop and to optimize experimental techniques, methods, and protocols for studying new materials/devices.

Researches cover a very wide variety of materials (metal, ceramic, glass, semiconductor, polymers, and bio-organic materials) and they are carried out in collaboration with several national and international researchers belonging to government as well as private research laboratories.

Several facilities are available at Chem4Tech for physical, chemical, functional, and mechanical characterization of materials.

Chem4Tech Lab

Chem4Tech Lab

Contact Person
Laura Eleonora DEPERO

is SME contact

We can perform materials characterization: physical, chemical, mechanical and microstructural properties of materials are measured and determined.  Once the properties of a given material are characterized and understood, this information can provide the higher level of understanding that is needed to resolve important issues such as cause of failure and process-related problems, as well as to develop new materials and applications.

we can develop new protocols for testing materials and we are active in developing standards.



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