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Campus Científico-Tecnológico, Circunvalación Ronda Sur
23700 Linares J


The Technology Centre of Metal-mechanical and Transport (CETEMET) is a non-profit foundation. The centre is managed by a private foundation made up by 20 entities including companies in the metal-mechanical and transport sectors, public bodies, savings banks, universities and business associations. Our mission is to strengthen our role as a technology, smart business and advance infrastructure centre, performing as an accelerator within competitive sectors in the metal-mechanical and transport industries in Andalusia.

CETEMET aims at fostering economic development in Andalusia by means of promoting and improving innovation in companies within the metal-mechanical and transport industries. The centre focuses on promotion and technology development in two core ideas: technology services and R&D&i projects.

The centre has focused on Industry 4.0 for Metal-mechanic and Transport sectors through these 4 technological areas:

  • Industrial automation. We use computerized and electro-mechanical components  to control machines or industrial processes, greatly increasing the profitability of production process.
  • Visual Computing: VR/AR/MxR. Allows you to create immersive virtual environments for experience, train, testing or validate any type of work setting, without the investment cost of a involved reality. The main working lines in CETEMET are focused to its application in the industrial environment.
  • Processes control. We have to the latest technological advances that allow us to identify and inspect objects. We implemented the lean methodology for the analysis and control of process improvement quality and costs.
  • Process and Product Engineering. Our aims to develop a product that meets with functional and performance requirements of a customer, satisfying also both legal and regulatory requirements applicable to it. We make from the product eased by the customer to meet some certain features to its manufacturing, until obtaining all the necessary information to make the final prototype by 3D printing, machining, etc.

CETEMET is a member of the Linares Scientific-Technological Campus, the Geolit Scientific-Technological Park, the DIH-ITKL, and the Robotics Digital Innovation Hub; and is associated with:

  • Spanish Association of Quality
  • Spanish Technological Platform of Advanced Manufacturing
  • PTFE Rail Technology Platform
  • Spanish Association of Welding and Union Technologies




CETEMET possesses a Visual computing lab, Automation and Robotics equipment and software, Metrology lab, Climate tests lab, and design, modelling, programming and FEM software.

The equipment of Visual computing labs comprises 3D scanners, cams, and devices for VR/AR such as glasses, tablets, etc. 

The automation and robotics equipment is composed of PLCs, robots, electronics, artificial vision cams, scanners, etc., and software for programming and simulation

The Metrology lab is composed of a high accuracy 3D laser scanner, torque wrenches calibration unit, dial gauge calibration units, linear, angle and flatness gauge blocks, roundness tester measuring shapes-position and other specialized metrology instruments. 

The Climate testing equipment and facilities comprise climate simulation chamber of large dimensions, climate chambers, thermographic camera and HFM.

Regarding to Design and FEM equipment, CETEMET has many workstations and CAD software licenses for mechanical and electrical design, and FEM and CFD software for calculation and simulation. 

CETEMET also has the capacity to develop customized software for data analysis and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms within Smart Manufacturing. For this, we have several programming languages as well as other types of software specific to AI and data mining.


CETEMET has the capacity to develop R&D&i projects and to offer services in the next technological areas:

  • Industrial automation: Collaborative robots, Process automatization, Flexible manufacturing cells, Expert system.
  • Virtual reality: Presentation and product customization, Simulation of industrial enviroment, Workers training.
  • Augmented reality: Guide to manufacturing processes and industrial maintenance, Connectivity worker-factory, Work safety.
  • Process control: Lean manufacturing, Quality control by artificial vision digitized 2D & 3D, Sensorisation and monitor, Cloud computing, Data intelligence analysis (Big data).
  • Process and product engineering: Product engineering, Simulation, Reverse engineering, Process engineering.

The Metrology lab allows to perform services like 3D digitizing for dimensional control and reverse engineering, devices calibrations, comprehensive management of measuring devices, study on metrology needs, specific calibration plans set up, purchase of equipment assistance, measuring systems design, quality costs optimization, and initial sampling testing and certifications.

The Climate lab allows to perform services like calculation of heat transfer coefficient in vehicles (trucks, trains) and products, determination of thermal conductivity in insulating materials and concrete, thermographic studies, performance of climate systems in vehicles, study on condensation in components, railway and aeronautics sectors, aerodynamic behavior of car deflectors, structures behavior under extreme conditions, tents wind resistance, etc.


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