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CertiMaC is an Italian private no-profit Research Centre and Material Innovation Lab boosting the innovation processes of the Building and Construction Industry through Research & Development, Testing and Certification of advanced and innovative materials, products and solutions, particularly on Energy Efficiency, Building Envelope and Durability.

It was founded by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and CNR (National Research Council) – the two main Italian Research bodies - in order to offer to the building industry a support to innovation and to competitiveness. This is provided by means of an innovatively conceived lab, empowered by know-how, expertise, instruments and infrastructures available at the two founder institutions, but, at the same time, characterized by speed and flexibility typical of private organizations.

CertiMaC is recognised by EU and Italian Ministry as Notified Body n° 2685 according to The Construction Products Regulation (CPR (EU) 305/’11).

CertiMaC is an Accredited Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network – Construction and Energy&Environment Platform and within the Technopole of Ravenna, it represents the reference Laboratory for Materials Research and Innovation.

CertiMaC constantly cooperates with national and international networks of Research Centres, Universities and Innovation Centres and it is part of ECTP and of the EIP on Raw Materials.

It plays an active role at European level, as a member of the European Steering Committee, in the processes of Development and Validation of methodologies for testing freeze/thaw and weathering resistance and it is the only Italian representative within the international round-robin for experimental validation of testing methods.

CertiMaC soc. cons. a r.l.

CertiMaC soc. cons. a r.l.

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In the field of Quality and Product Certification, CertiMaC provides solutions with high innovation content  for the experimental and numerical characterization of raw materials and development of new ones.

Over 300 different kinds of experimental tests and numerical simulations in thermal environment, humidity, mechanical, physical and chemical are available in the Laboratory.

Several Universal testing machines are operative in order to evaluate mechanical and thermo-mechanical performance of many kind of materials. Compressive, Flexural, Tensile and Shear strength could be evaluated by means of ad hoc clamping and gripping systems and applying specific load cells (up to  5000 kN- 500 tons) and deformation control system able to operate in steady and dynamic load conditions.

Three fully automated climate chambers are available  (humidity and temperature control) for assessing the durability of materials and components subject to different environmental stresses: freeze / thaw, deicing salts, rain cycles, thermal shock, etc. within a temperature range of about -30÷70 °C and relative humidity of about 0÷99%.

Three different equipment into thermo-physic field are available to determine steady and unsteady thermal behavior of a wide range of materials: from insulating materials (e.g. 0.015 W/mK) to high conductive ones (e.g. 400 W/mK). Thermal diffusivity, Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat can be determined within temperature range of about 0÷1250 °C, varying the relative humidity or pressure applied to the sample.

Climatic chambers for the measurement of water vapor permeability of many types of materials are also available and mobile equipment for not-destructive diagnostic controls in the field of energy efficiency are accessible. More in detail, a professional thermal camera is available with IR sensor able to evaluate temperature up to 1200 °C and a portable wi-fi heat flow meter capable to perform measurements on site into different section of the building contemporarily.

In addition to the experimental equipment descripted previously, Modeling software are available to predict thermo-mechanical behavior of individual materials, building components and infrastructures both in steady and dynamic state (e.g. FEM modeling and dynamic simulation using EnergyPlus). 


CertiMaC supports materials manufacturers, designers, builders, real  estate assets managers with solutions and services for energy efficiency, high performance envelope  and durability of materials.

In the field of Energy Efficiency, certification services are aimed at both new buildings and existing assets. Energy audits and customized diagnosis are held through diagnostic methods of experimental, numerical and energy management to rationalize the consumption of primary energy due to the building shell and its subsystems.

A pioneer in Italy in the field of energy efficiency and materials, CertiMaC has a business unit entirely dedicated to energy efficiency: qualification, study and development of materials for high energy performance and optimization of energy consumption both in existing buildings and new ones.

Thanks to its flexible organizations and lean processes, the Laboratory works alongside companies with specialized services in the field of Quality and Product Certification: the characterization of raw materials and development of new materials.

In the field of Research & Innovation, CertiMaC develops industrial research projects, technology transfer initiatives, training and technical updating and standards, relying on a team of researchers and specialists working in the heart of the district of innovation on materials in Faenza.

The European Projects & Funding Unit is active in the development and presentation of European, National and Regional projects. It provides international experience of testing, development and certification of innovative building materials to formulate joint proposals on energy efficiency of buildings and sustainable innovation in the field of materials science.

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